People with KDR above 2.0, how did YOU get it.

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User Info: AdaptBlade_Kxm

4 years ago#51
AaronHutch posted...
OLD_MAN_GAMER posted...
this game is 20% skill, 30% luck, 50% internet connection -

its more like

40% skill
30% teammates/luck

30% internet connection

Should be "Keeping an eye on teammates".

If you watch the minimap as you move on through you can know where 3-4 enemies are at at all times.
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User Info: Sliq6969

4 years ago#52
ITT: People brag and then offer up no actual advice.
stop denying the fact

User Info: GSoKash

4 years ago#53
Above a 2.5 in both kdr and wlr.
I never dashboard, and I rush and play the objective. Mainly play CTF and DOM.

I play solo like 90% of the time.

People who blame connection for their poor performance are 90% just looking for an excuse. You can play a 2 bar and hold a 2kdr. I barely ever drop below that, and nearly never go negative.

What works for me is map awareness, knowing my teammates position for an idea of the spawns, winning 1 v 1's and NOT relying on teammates.

When you hope for decent teammates, it rarely works out that way. You need to be able to carry is what I feel it really comes down to. In CTF, it's not uncommon for me to finish with like 8k points, 3 flag caps and everyone else on my team negative or with no flags.
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User Info: IDefineSkill

4 years ago#54
I've had a constant 2.1+ KD in every COD after COD4 + WAW for 2 simple reasons: spawn knowledge and map knowledge. If you learn those two, it's hard to play bad.

User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#55
IDefineSkill posted...
I've had a constant 2.1+ KD in ever COD after COD4 + WAW for 2 simple reasons: spawn knowledge and map knowledge. If you learn those two, it's hard to play bad.

Yep, and I tend to ADS a lot in places with high traffic and not just runa round like a headless chicken, which works against bad players but against good ones? Good luck even going positive. And that's why target finder is even more broken. YOu give a good player that knows the map and is a fairly decent gunner and then give him an attachment that opens up a HUGE part of the middle FOV, which is all you need, that has no ADS delay, decreases recoil, and tells you where the enemies are almost always...and you got yourself a 2kd. God I hate the target finder.


4 years ago#56
sgr8 posted...
OLD_MAN_GAMER posted...
this game is 20% skill, 30% luck, 50% internet connection -

lame excuse i got from kd of 1 to kd of 2 by just changing playstyle.

and yea when you are on a bad connection you have a problem but it only happens when i get in a lobby in another country. locally it works fine.

lame excuse nothing. you are always at the mercy of the internet in this game. ALWAYS! skill or no skill- connection is key. if youve played atleast one map once youd know this. shooting at a guy who is running left to right across the screen- hit markers x5. player never even turns to face you in the game- his bullets kill you. thats not skill at all. spawn, take step, killed from behind- no skill at all. lag an spawns control the outcome of atleast 80% of all matches.

User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

4 years ago#57
What I do is run Ghost/Hardline, Toughness, and Dexterity. Grab a SMG an use the Primary Gunfighter.
For scorestreaks, run UAV and then 2 more under 1,200 pts.

In TDM, I average 2.7 KDR. I did reset my stats, but I've been averaging around 3.5 KDR recently.

User Info: nath999

4 years ago#58
Sliq6969 posted...
ITT: People brag and then offer up no actual advice.

Did you even read the thread? There's a ton of advice.
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User Info: kaiser16

4 years ago#59
I don't sprint. I find that every time I press the sprint button, I usually end up running into someone sitting in a corner. When I walk, I'm more aware of my surroundings. Also helps to run with engineer to see enemy equipment so you can come up with an idea on how to attack or avoid a specific area.

User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#60
arghhhh posted...
From: ImTooSkilledd | #014
__redxiii__ posted...
arghhhh posted...
I love these topics. Probably the most connection based COD to date and no one mentions it as a factor, ******* Hell, lol.

Once you mention the lag you get ridiculed and a hefty dose of "get good"

It's not that I don't thing connection is a factor. I just think anyone who claims they can't hold a 2 K/D solely because of their connection is full of **** and making excuses. I've played on ****ty connections and I've played on great stats have never fluctuated that much.

Put it this way: I HIGHLY doubt if you have to try hard to get a 1.5 K/D on your current connection, you won't be able hold a 2 K/D playing the same way on a different connection.

This is of course assuming you at least have a 3 bar. Obviously if you're playing on a host from across the world and are on a 1 or 2 bar your playing experience will be vastly different.

Bad players on a good connection will still be bad...they may get the jump on a 'good' player occasionally but they will still be bad, I'm not debating that. But a competent player with a good in game connection will have a better KD than if he were playing on a bad connection.

I honestly don't understand how people can't see it, I keep saying - just watch most, if not all, gameplay videos posted here...the player nearly always has a near perfect connection, they rush around 'insta' killing and at times take an insane amount of damage. Put them on a poor connection and they wouldn't be able to rush like that.

I can go into a game, go round killing fine then they'll be a particular player who seems to soak up your bullets and kill you instantly...check the scoreboard and 'surprise surprise' that players at the happens all the time.
If I have a friend over playing COD we mess around trying to predict whos at the top of the enemy team just by our connection to the other players, 99% of the time we're right.

I'm not saying there aren't good players, what I am saying is connection matters a lot in this game, more than people would like to admit because they think it takes away from what they consider to be 'all skill'.

I guess. I still think people exaggerate connection's part in CoD, though, at least when it comes to overall performance. Are there certain lobbies where you honestly can't do as well because of the connection? Of course. But overall it balances out. There are lobbies where you are on the beneficiary side too...but no one likes to mention that.

BTW, gameplay videos are hardly a good measure of what's going on in the game. They're usually recorded in theater mode, and everything is different when you watch it in theater. It's similar to how killcams aren't accurate and what you see on the killcam isn't exactly what the person saw when they killed you.
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