Why so much emphasis on K/D Ratio's?

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User Info: DutchZombie

4 years ago#11
yeah_u_mad posted...
fatclemenza posted...
From: Discage | #001
For example, I could go play capture the flag and someone could have 0 kills and 40 deaths but have all the captures for the team therefore doing more for the team than those camping and taking out everyone they see because they're actually playing the objective of that game type and scoring points that actually matter.

In doing so you gave up several VSATs and Lodestars.

Its not impossible to play the objective and have a high K/D. Anybody good can do it


claiming that you have a bad KDR because you play the Objective is the sorriest excuse ever

I ONLY play objective (mostly domination but lots of HQ and hardpoint) and I currently have a KDR of 3.2

Congrats. You only play in a party and don't cap unless there's a kill streak in the air backing you up. Now what's your W/L ratio? Because that's the only thing that matters.

User Info: scarface_jr

4 years ago#12
AU_Mister187 posted...
Played solo last night and a group of 5 people joined my lobby. The first game ended and I had the best Kd and highest score but my still team lost (had a guy on my team go 3-29). One of the guys said hey your terrible at this game to me and i said what. He said I just wanted to let you know you're terrible. He said i have a higher kd than you. He had a 1.86 and i have a 1.72. His SPM was 214 and mine is 380. So he and his boyfriends beat me and the randoms again but yet again i had the highest kd and highest score. I pretty much owned him and his friends and it was funny hearing them rage when i would double and triple kill them. After every game the party of 5 would be like so how does it feel to lose every game, when im playing solo. So eventually i got one competent team mate on slums and we crushed them. It was pretty funny.

To me a person with a high kd but low SPM isnt good. I know 380 isnt good either but im not telling people they're terrible.

I ran into guys like that, tho we had a guy that was friends with them on our team boosting their kill streaks -.-. After us spamming "Report for boosting" in the lobby the guy got kicked *maybe banned*. We knew he didn't leave because he got kicked mid sentence and his boyfriends were all complaining about him not being able to get back on. Needless to say they got stomped after and when we used the same thing they kept saying "OHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU GUYS SCK, YOU THINK YOU'RE GOOD BUT CAN'T WIN AN OBJECTIVE GAME" they got butthurt, left and all sent hatemail saying "You guys are really garbage, we just got tired of owning you guys. Learn how to win games without getting people banned". I wish the game would tell you when people get banned that you reported.
"There are good guys and there are bad guys in this world, and make no mistake I am a bad, bad man." -CM Punk

User Info: GundamBansheeFA

4 years ago#13
I blame my bad kd going for diamond camos and lag compensation. Anyone who says it doesn't exist probably has the cheapest internet connection and our leeching off of people like me.

Also they should only let friends and people you know be able to see your kdr. I hate when a random says i suck just because he looks at my kd. And even then i wiped the floor with his face after he said that to me and called me a cheater for getting sc vsat and warthog everytime.

User Info: Zombie2626

4 years ago#14
Once I started going for diamond specials I stopped even checking my k/d. I'm sure it got murdered. If I do a generic smg rush class 8/10 times I'm top player and that's really all that matters to me.

User Info: L4ndoGr1ff1n

4 years ago#15
yeah_u_mad posted...

claiming that you have a bad KDR because you play the Objective is the sorriest excuse ever

And stat whores are the sorriest excuse for human beings.
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