Nuketown zombies vs Tranzit vs Die Rise

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User Info: ToastyAnakin

4 years ago#1
All these zombie maps have these weird names like Green Run and Skyscraper so I don't even know if the title put the right names. Oh well.

What do you guys prefer?

For me its

Nuketown zombies
Die Rise

Tranzit and all its variants including turned. Just dreadful
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User Info: WhiteAngel50

4 years ago#2
Nuketown zombies is okay

Die rise is good cause its huge and it's like a maze

Transit is good but there's nothing really to do on it once you beat the Easter egg
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User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#3
Die rise is fun because its new and no one knows how to handle it perfectly. Plus you can't run trains as well because there aren't as open of spaces.
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User Info: crshovrr

4 years ago#4
Anyone trying to do the easter egg in die rise gt romito 201
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User Info: PavlovaOfFear

4 years ago#5
Die Rise > NK >>> Tranzit
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User Info: Manor_47

4 years ago#6
For me:

Die rise - Really enjoying this, nice big map, all the perks I want, awesome wall weapons and some nice open areas for zombie head popping!

Nuketown - Classic zombies, build yourself up then introduce the zombies to the meat grinder aka SLDG HAMR!

Tranzit - I don't hate it, it's just too big and slow. If I want to pap a weapon it's a major ordeal and takes too long, I like fast paced zombies! Plus the mist, denizens and the lava are just annoying IMO.

User Info: tadmfpole

4 years ago#7
Die Rise and Nuketown are both great maps. Die Rise is brilliant, almost a zombies masterpiece. There is soooooooo much about it I like, and so little I dislike. NT is much smaller and simpler but a solid fun fast paced map that I will gladly return to for years.

TranZit is set to become the most hated map since Five, I think it might have even taken the top spot. Way to much idle time waiting around for other players to travel through giant sections of wasted space, most slow paced zombie map bar none.

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User Info: Saphirah

4 years ago#8
Die Rise > Nuketown > Tranzit
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