Is TranZit your least favorite zombie map to date?

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User Info: tadmfpole

4 years ago#1
Is TranZit your least favorite zombie map to date? - Results (89 votes)
46.07% (41 votes)
53.93% (48 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I would like to add all the maps into the poll but I can't fit them all, so vote yes or no and post your least favorite if it is something else. I am curious to see where this goes, I know a LOT of people hate Shangri La, and it is one of my top 3 maps.

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User Info: Ryguy226

4 years ago#2
I'd say Tranzit is pretty nice just because it's so big and varied, but if I was to choose my least favorite map, it would have to be the original map just because it was so small and limited on what you could do. Every map since has been an improvemet, with some benefits and drawbacks to the map itself. Now if you were to consider the Tranzit maps separately, then I would say the Farm,then the Town, then lastly Bus Depot would be my least favorite, just because they are so boring and annoying with the fire cracks. Maybe one day they'll release Diner and that one will be with the other three.

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#3
No way
It introduced buildables
New characters was tough to get use to but a lot of fun

User Info: BlackOps06

4 years ago#4
I would say so. No Zombies map is as tedious as TranZit is, and it's not even close. No one likes running across the map just to PaP a gun, or chase down the box, or get a perk. And the whole persistent upgrade thing was just stupid because it was also tedious and incredibly vague (you were busy Galvaknuckling zombies for 6 rounds? No more headshot upgrade!). The one decent feature, buildables, also sucked since most of them were trash.

User Info: lolcharizard

4 years ago#5
No, but bus depot survival is terrible.
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User Info: flamepelt

4 years ago#6
Too big and easy to survive I think, not gun when all it takes is patients to get to high rounds. So many places to train the zombies. Permaperks made this way easier too. 6 hits before your dead now when you have jugg. Also you can get all perks you want, PaP ray gun and something else (from fridge or from box) by using bank. You can have everything round 1 if you like.

User Info: juker79

4 years ago#7
lolcharizard posted...
No, but bus depot survival is terrible.

Bus depot survival is the ultimate practice map.

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#8
Not even close. Moon and Ascension tie for that.

User Info: forgotten0285

4 years ago#9
Five is objectively the worst Zombies map. Not even Robert goddamn McNamara could save that trash map.

Tranzit is possibly the best zombies map. But it's the zombies map we deserve, not the zombies map we need right now.
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User Info: juker79

4 years ago#10
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
Not even close. Moon and Ascension tie for that.

Ascension was a lot of fun for me with the right people. One of my favorite all-time places to fight from (as a group) is the lander by Flopper.
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  3. Is TranZit your least favorite zombie map to date?

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