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User Info: grishow1

4 years ago#1
People are already b@$#%&*% and complaining about the PK so how long before a nerf
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User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#2
Considering it's beyond average, prolly never.
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User Info: kasbian

4 years ago#3
I really like the PK, dont know why but i really click with it more than any other SMG.
Its like an AR with permanent stock.

Dont think it needs nerfing though, i mean its RPM is low and its damage is average. How could they nerf it ?
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User Info: TyrantKnight

4 years ago#4
Doesn't need a nerf at all. It's very well balanced.
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User Info: myrkul8013

4 years ago#5
Egh.. i think its alittle OP personally.. but just a bit.
Stock it has a semi-slow reload speed and a small clip to help compensate for the other stuff. But once you get Silencer and/or Fast mags... its a beast.
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User Info: grishow1

4 years ago#6
TyrantKnight posted...
Doesn't need a nerf at all. It's very well balanced.

That's what I thought
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