5 best guns in the game and your craziest life story

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  3. 5 best guns in the game and your craziest life story

User Info: FunKeeJ

4 years ago#1
List thebest 5 guns in your opinion
And tell us your indiana-jones-style story from the past.
PSN: FunKeeJ

User Info: snicklecuck

4 years ago#2
Spas-12, stakeout, brolympia, Striker, Usas.

One time I ate a bunch of cheese and was constipated. Then I pooped. End story.

User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#3
MSMC, XPR-50, R870, MK48, FAL

Once when I was a teenager I hit menthol cigarette (rolled out of the tube) in a "water-pipe". My blood felt like fire.

That's not rly the craziest, but the dumbest.
I' gonna startin' about fit'na start fin'tn about. Feel me?
~My friend Billy's stance on wanting a shot of Bacardi

User Info: Nriepw

4 years ago#4
Lol. I have one but it's so stupid I need to type it on my laptop to jazz it up. I'll post later.

User Info: FreshSquilla

4 years ago#5
& Dylon

Once I met Dylon

User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#6
Swat, An-94, all four lmg weapons (totaling six, not five).

My story, although short and sort of lame, is slightly interesting. I went to an Arby's once when I was in high school (with the marching band; I actually received an award for Best Team Player (for my drumline); I chose to play cymbals because everyone thought they were lame, and they're actually fun if you know how to do kewl tricks and flips while playing UW's cadences that we ripped off, along with some from the University of Louisiana), and ordered a chicken sandwich. When I received it, I noticed that it was not cooked, but didn't have the time to ask for another one. I ate it anyway, and, as it turns out, my immune system CAN, in fact, handle raw poultry.

Let me know if any of you like my incredibly poor run-on sentence (the second sentence of my story, for those of you who did not know).
-Use Force to kill grue
-Your midichlorian count isn't high enough; you are eaten by a grue

User Info: BrockObana

4 years ago#7
(not much gap here)
SMR:similar to the FAL but it kills a lot slower and it's more difficult to use despite its slower rof+less recoil

Apparently, I chugged the entire handle of vodka when I was already drunk and went to to the ER. I have almost recollection of any events that night. But I was in the hospital when I woke up and I remember doing some shots before the whole thing (apparently).
"I'm going to block this kid for the same reason as I mute screaming 12-year olds in the game." -COD hero-

User Info: TheChrisRichter

4 years ago#8
Model 1887
Akimbo Skorpions(BO1)

My weirdest story. Kato Katelyn was filming his stupid show a few years ago, Eye for an Eye here in Dallas. It was a wrestling show that I was wrestling in. He used the ring before my match to have an oil wrestling match between the 2 contestants or however his show worked. Anyways, the ring was covered in oil. 1 minute into my match I fall to the outside of the ring and slip on the oil dislocating my knee.

The match was cut short because of this. In the lockeroom I'm being attended too by EMT's. Kato has the nerve to tell me to be quiet while they pop my knee back into place. I then stoodd up and told him to his face, "That he is the reason OJ Simpson is free." Good stuff.
You sucka's like die!
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User Info: Andarist

4 years ago#9

When Spain won the Euro cup last year, I happened to be drinking at a bar in Spain watching the game. Entire town goes ****ing nuts, of course. I end up drunk in a fountain with hundreds of Spaniards, with all my clothes on....dancing and stuff... I had the sense to give my electronics and stuff to someone first though.
a Perfect Rake
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User Info: travmank

4 years ago#10
assault shield
ballistic knife
combat knife

I saw weird al in concert
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