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User Info: ZBug_

4 years ago#101
Question: Why do people who hate on COD keep buying it?
"I've never in my life wanted to punch a girl like I want to right now" Light Yagami
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User Info: thechaoticclown

4 years ago#102
Very disappointing.

User Info: LoMNOMNOMDeer

4 years ago#103
prety gud
Not the dark green, the iridescent green.
Even Christ said "Christ, he flows quite nicely"
Cash grab.
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The_Cloudy_One~ ^_^

User Info: gdogghenrikson

4 years ago#105
extra laggy

User Info: arena11

4 years ago#106
Inconsistent crap.

User Info: Telvanni_guard

4 years ago#107
It's alright.
GamerTag: Te1vanni Guard
"Telvanni you would disprove everyone. :D"- Saint_of_Misery

User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#108
YouTube Money.
Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

User Info: DCarnage

4 years ago#109
spawn kill...

User Info: matrix0523

4 years ago#110
Extremely decent.
GT: Chauvanistic - Only good player on gamefaqs - UMvC3 - Wesker - Doom - Strider - P4A - Teddie- - 2:50
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