Is this game still terrible?

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  3. Is this game still terrible?

User Info: whitelytning

4 years ago#1
I originally bought it but because of the spawns and terrible lag I returned it pretty quickly. Now that it has been out for a while is it any better?

I don't know what it was about this game but for some reason the same internet that has been fine for the past few CODs made me noticeably lag behind the other guys in the game. That combined with the difficulty to stay alive because of the UAV spam/spawns made playing this game a terrible experience. Has it gotten any better? Some of my friends still play it and have been telling me I should get it again.

User Info: rowteree

4 years ago#2
i would say if you didn't like it then, you wont like it now.

i bought this game primarily for zombies. I was terribly disappointed when i saw it only came with one map. Nuketown zombies, but i consider that map on the same level with nacht der untoten.

The game has returned to its case for the time being. Ill wait for the dlc price to drop down, then ill consider getting back into this game.

User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#3
The spawns and UAV spamming are the same sadly, though i have never had a problem with the UAV spamming

the connections do seem to be a bit better but on a MW3 level (so not that much better really)

You kind of just get the hang of things and learn to deal with it and expect certain things; spawns can be a bit less aggravating if you pick your class before the countdown and if you watch your kill cam though

still no excuse, but try it at a friend's house; see if you notice anything different
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  3. Is this game still terrible?

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