If hijacked is one of the worse maps...

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  3. If hijacked is one of the worse maps...

User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#11
because cod players aren't the brightest bunch in the gaming community.
hell we got one of the worst community bro.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#12
Because there are lots of ADD kids playing CoD who think small = good.

Considering that they played Nuketown (which was also a TERRIBLE map) to death in BO1 and caused IW and Treyarch to change their map design to match Nuketown, you can blame everyone who liked Nuketown for the terrible maps we've gotten the last two games. Good job breaking the maps and in turn the spawn system guys! Hope you enjoy enemies spawning in your colon, you voted for it on the map selection screen time after time after time!
And so begins a tale of vengeance and betrayal. Destiny by sinner sought. Tragedy by power wrought. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#13
Gojak_v3 posted...
Then why is it constantly voted for when it pops up. If it's one of the two maps you can vote on half the lobby will vote for it.

its just like nuketown, that was the worst map in the 1st black ops but it was voted for every time it came up as an option, its small and hecktic some people like that type of play some people prefer a map that takes talent & strategy to win whatever the objective might be.
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  3. If hijacked is one of the worse maps...

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