wait, some people care about their KD ratios?

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  3. wait, some people care about their KD ratios?

User Info: srsgamer87

4 years ago#1
it's a number in a video game. do these people have careers, girlfriends, LIVES?

User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#2
to grow their e-peeniee

User Info: austingl

4 years ago#3
It's not necessarily that I care. It's just nice knowing that I kill more than I die.
White 2 FC: 2667 1094 4948

User Info: LaFarina

4 years ago#4
Your opinion is worth more the higher your kdr is.

User Info: IDefineSkill

4 years ago#5
I take pride in playing well, so yes i do care about my KD.

User Info: pyrokinesis666

4 years ago#6
lag makes it misleading anyway

User Info: Hitman_67

4 years ago#7
Takes a lot to make me post...

So let me start by saying you must be freaking late as hell to the party if you didn't know that till now.
As the one guy saids your opinion matters more the higher the KDR is. However it can be obtained by boosting/Camping/Cheating so there are other stats and information needed too. It sometimes shows a skill of a player. But people with low KDR can still be more skilled than one with higher. So it depends.

I like having a high KDR. Reason is, it gives me something to play towards even after maxing everything. Example for me would be MW2.
After unlocking everything it got boring, so i started to up my KDR. I stopped at 2.70 i believe. Just gives me a goal.
Commanding Officer of Phantom Operations (HoG)
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User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#8
There's nothing wrong with caring about your KD. It's when you start caring TOO much that it becomes stupid.
I don't care.

User Info: glowuptheball

4 years ago#9
I'd rather be good than trash at cod. I mean I'd feel bad if a 10 year old was better than me at an easy video game. Also, considering there are like 400,000 people online constantly, there must be a ton of people that care. There are also people playing this exact game on PS3 and PC.

I mean all you need to do well in video games are hands, eyes, and a semi-working brain. You can flaunt your career, girlfriend, and money, but online, we're all the same.

User Info: yummymexican

4 years ago#10
IDefineSkill posted...
I take pride in playing well, so yes i do care about my KD.

Get a life, dude. God forbid you actually take pride in doing well at everything you do.
GT- Snahck
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  3. wait, some people care about their KD ratios?

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