Tactical Insertion should be nerfed

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User Info: Gray_wolf1119

4 years ago#31
arena11 posted...
ydobdoog posted...
ICantNameGud posted...
ydobdoog posted... quote>

It's been happening for years dude. It's hard to care about a four year old issue, like I said: just back out if it's a problem.

You even reading what I'm posting?

It was unnoticed during the game and my team won, so I wasn't even worried about it. When I saw the final score I was curious.

You are defending this, so I'm starting to think this is what you do to level up your camos too.

Should be an easy fix. Don't think this is what the game developers had in mind when bringing the Tac Insert back.

I'm surprised they keep bringing it back well knowing what the community does with it. Not many use it for its intended purpose of placing it near an objective incase they fail to complete it. Like OMA it will be abused which btw was not overpowered at all.

Please show your evidence. Just because all you see are boosters using it doesn't mean that only boosters are using it or the majority of people using it are boosting. Does it occur to you that the people using it correctly don't want it to be found so they don't get spawn killed?
GT: Fang1192
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  3. Tactical Insertion should be nerfed

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