Just put Black Ops 1 in, how the hell did they screw up this game?

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User Info: adeel

4 years ago#21
-vIc-LeGeND posted...
adeel posted...
-vIc-LeGeND posted...
Tl;dr : i like blops 1 cuz cuz lag comp.helped me a great deal.

Now in this one i need to put work in.and actually have to be good and strategic and not just a bullet sponge

Recently I was playing and got 2/3 swarms, while running and gunning, and died literally 5 times in 5 different games when I was 100 less points off a swarm. I'm not bad at the game at all, better than average, not incredibly amazing but I do my bit and regularly get VSATS/Stealth Choppers/Warthogs. But I still prefer how BO feels. You're not strategic at all on this game.

Game starts, run around the corner of the map, kill 2/3 people, flip spawn, stick to corner of map, kill 2/3 people. Rinse and repeat until you get VSAT > Dominate rest of game. Win.

DOM is similar, except you cap a flag or 2, wait for an enemy to jump on the flag, kill them, stick to corner of map, Let round end, next round use your VSAT > EMP, Let that rotate into your next VSAT, see opposite team quit, turn the game off because making people rage quit is boring as hell, put Cod4 in and then ask yourself "Is this what fun feels like?"

Yea except i dont play those gametypes

Those are for scrubs who wanna boost their k/d.....i play SnD where thwre is strategy in involved and maintain a 1.74 k/d in it..so.save mine bro...ur scrub who survived off of lag comp and now cry when its spread out more even..

Interesting way of thinking.

User Info: jing0000

4 years ago#22
The weird thing is despite the massive amount of whining and complaints I personally have not enjoyed a CoD title this much since the 4/modern warfare 1.

But then again it's quite common for me to enjoy a game that many people seem to have an issue with so maybe that's it :P...but this is shaping up to be one of my favorite Call of duty's to date.

User Info: Cornbread4life

4 years ago#23
Sega9599 posted...
Sacred_Asylum posted...
Got 'em.

All TC essentially said was "last cod bullets hit people, now bullets no hit people" which has been made a complaint in every single online game ever made.

And you stand up for him.


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User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#24
ROFL at the easiest CoD being "skill based."
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User Info: sausage54

4 years ago#25
Black ops 1 was a fantastic game and my favorite up to this day. I'm not sure why Treyarch switched from medium-large maps with variety to small-medium maps without much variety to them. Until the new map packs alongside Turbine and Yemen, all the maps feel alike.
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User Info: Valerium

4 years ago#26
It went wrong the moment it became another MW3.

User Info: The_LoGoS

4 years ago#27
cbc72 posted...
Basically it comes down to map design and spawns.

MW3 and to a lesser extent, BO2 are designed so there is always a threat from your back or side. There are just too many directions to defend to get consistent high kill streaks.

For instance, remember the accolade for not getting shot in the back from MW2?

It is no coincidence that accolade no longer exists since MW3.

This is soooo spot on
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