What do you think the next DLC weapon will be?

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  3. What do you think the next DLC weapon will be?

User Info: Lord_Xandros

4 years ago#31
I want for them to think outside the box. Whilst the Peacekeeper was a tad unique what with it being a hybrid, it's still just a pew pew pew gun.

Boomerang, hammer, mirrors, fun stuff.
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User Info: The_Darker_One

4 years ago#32
A swearing ten year old/sniper doing no scopes or 360 shots or any of that rubbish/hacker/clan/laggy player/swearing twenty year old killer. All in one.

User Info: snicklecuck

4 years ago#33
I'd like to see something like the Thor .45-70 from MGO, a single shot pistol thats an instant kill from any range, but has a long reload time, and only one round in the chamber. Kinda like the golden gun.

User Info: RHCP777

4 years ago#34
Model 2025!

User Info: SergioMach5

4 years ago#35
slaveanselmo posted...
SergioMach5 posted...
nath999 posted...
Sharks with Laser beams attached to their head.

thats a good one, cant top friggin laserbeams!

without them...maybe a ranger style shotgun, double barrel with attachmens being sawn off, long barrel and the fast mag/laser/quickdraw attachments.

A double barrel shotgun in 2025? Seems a bit antiquated.

I suppose, though keep in mind MW3 was stupid enough to include the 1887 again and try make it look up to date
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  3. What do you think the next DLC weapon will be?

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