Classic Call of Duty.

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User Info: Gamer9302

4 years ago#1
With the way Call of Duty is today, who still plays Call of Duty 1,2,3? Also did any of you enjoy Call of Duty 2 Big Red One?
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User Info: ItIsAPsyBorg

4 years ago#2
I played the first online recently. Getting way higher K/Ds than I get in this game (just a coincidence lololol) against players of similar skill levels.

I've always meant to try the second and third ones. I'm particularly interested in 3, as its a Treyarch game before they went insane with the development of this game, and I hear that it also introduced sprinting.

I mainly play WaW now that I have everything diamonded and max-prestiged in this game, as I have no motivation to play it unless I have a party of 5+ going. A bit of COD4 and BO1 on the side as well.

User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#3
2 > WaW > 1/UO > Big Red One (an awesome campaign) > 3 > Black Ops 1 >>> Black Ops 2 >>>>> MW1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the other two that shall remain unnamed
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User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#4
I'll also add that I have not played Finest Hour or Final Fronts.
-Use Force to kill grue
-Your midichlorian count isn't high enough; you are eaten by a grue

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