Can someone explain boosters to me?

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  3. Can someone explain boosters to me?

User Info: lucardsball

4 years ago#1
I only play HC TDM so idk if that limits the boosters or whatever, but can someone explain to me what a booster is and how to spot these people. thanks

User Info: bbert901

4 years ago#2
usually it's two guys that hide in a dark part of the map with tactical insertions and perform oral sex on each other

User Info: GraviosDestroyR

4 years ago#3
it's when two guys use tac inserts and find a place on the map they can hide so they can sodomize each other
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User Info: ydobdoog

4 years ago#4

I caught these guys a few days ago. This is what they do.

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#5
People that most of GFAQs defends
Advertising signs, they con you into thinking you’re the one
That can do what’s never been done, that can win what’s never been won

User Info: bigbug1992

4 years ago#6
fatclemenza posted...
People that most of GFAQs defends

Hey man! Its not boosting! It's creative point gathering....

Boosters are totally awesome!
gnillort ma I

User Info: macdaddygee

4 years ago#7
Boosters are generally people who play Yemen that camp in the fruit stand while inserting a plethora of the avalible shrubbary into every orfice.
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User Info: DarkCaptain3

4 years ago#8
Actually its called Boosting by Treyarch if you are basically using someone you know or have met before to either say raise K/D, complete a challenge, help you win the match, or anything of the sort.

I am not going to say whether I approve of boosting or not. I understand why its done in some cases (you do not need to act defensively about it, I think its your choice to do so). Though I will say that no matter what you call it Treyarch does not approve of it and thats why they have it listed as one of the reasons you can report someone (and even if you leave matches now or dashboard or anything it won't matter anymore due to the new player channel and recent games).

If you do it then that is a choice you can make as a player I don't report boosters myself unless they are "Heavily" affecting the outcome of the game. If they aren't then I let them be and let them continue boosting all they want, they aren't affecting my gameplay yet so I won't interfere with them :)
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  3. Can someone explain boosters to me?

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