Type 25 the best AR to use in close quarters?

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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#21
FMJ does more than just decrease the damage penalty of objects.

It also allows you to penetrate things you normally couldn't. There are some objects that will stop your bullet normally, FMJ means your bullet will punch through. You'll also penetrate multiple objects much better as well.

It also increases the degree of the angle you can penetrate from. Say there's a thick object--normally you would be able to weakly punch through it but ONLY if you're shooting it head-on. FMJ allows you to punch through even if you're shooting it at a 30 or 45 degree angle to it.

This is what Deep Impact/FMJ/Hardened has done in every other game, I can't believe that it doesn't do that in this game too. And it also lets you destroy killstreaks faster, you really notice it against choppers. Mk48+FMJ=kills stealth chopper in a few seconds.

But they have NEVER increased the damage of your gun. For some reason the devs think we have Down Syndrome or something so OMG EVERY ATTACHMENT MUST MAKE A BAR MOVE DURR.

The in-game stat bars have been lying ever since they were introduced. Never use them for anything besides a very rough guideline; look up stats online for actually accurate ones.
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User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#22
FMJ is still mostly useless for any weapon that isn't already good at penetrating objects. You would be a fool to run FMJ on SMGs.

User Info: known2FAIL

4 years ago#23
TheSaintG posted...
known2FAIL posted...
TheSaintG posted...
The an94 and SWAt are both better at CBC than the type 25

Both are capable of getting 3 hits and one never takes more than 4 hits.

I disagree on both of these. Sure the AN94 has good power but it shoots slow.... The type25 would out gun it in CQC more times than not. Sure it takes 3 kills to kill and if you land the 1st 3 shots without missing it will out gun it.. However if you miss once the Type automatically has a distinct advantage over the AN94. The SWAT has the same fire rate as the Type with select fire but the 3 hit kill range is a piss poor 100 inches (I think). I guess it is viable with select fire as a good CQC weapon but the Type is overall better since it doesn't need an attachment to become proficient at CQC.

The potential of a 3hit kill is mostly what matters. The type 25 Can only match the ttk of the swat but can never do better. The argument about missing shots is valid but it isn't a deciding factor. Otherwise the fal ad wouldn't be considered op.

close range the type is outdone by almost all smgs so if you are looking for a close range weapon why settle for less. And mid range its out done by over half the assault rifles and select fire SWAT which has the option to go back to burst.

type isn't bad just outclassed in every way

Maybe I'm thinking of this wrong but when I think "CQC" I'm thinking about two guys running into each other and they both start hipfiring.. Maybe they start to aim after a few bullets... In those situations I truly believe that the Type25 will have the advantage more times than not since both guns will be missing shots.
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User Info: Jeh64

4 years ago#24
I liked the type 25 too in close quarters

User Info: dansubmarine

4 years ago#25
close quarter meaning about 3-10 feet away. I seem to do better with the type 95 suppressor and stock than the swat select fire. Haven't really tried out the AN-94 in close quarters, but usually I tap fire using all the advantage i got with the high fire rate on the first 2 shots.

User Info: Sliq6969

4 years ago#26
Kant_Remoob_Eht posted...
Naw, Full Auto Swat.
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