*joins a game*

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User Info: ThugLife247

4 years ago#1
me: *spawns*
announcer: "the check cleared, it's go ti-"
*lightning strike*
me: *start+up+A+up+A*

treyarch please fix this bulls***
i won't deny it, i'm a straight ridah
you don't wanna f*** with me

User Info: __redxiii__

4 years ago#2
I've been killed by a lightning strike and was mashing X to respawn and spawned into the lightning strike bomb again. Not the same one but how it drops then 1 by 1 where you chose them.

User Info: jay11228181

4 years ago#3
I stay in and end up being the highest scoring person on my team. Either way I'm getting the lose so I might as well rack up some kills.

User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#4
I just joined a game of Mercenary Moshpit... It was CTF, which I despise because of all the 'camping' that goes on in it... I thought to myself 'well, 3 more kills and I can level up this gun'. Then second I choose a class 'hostile VSAT'. Ok, I'll just leave now.

I didn't give it to them, I'm sure as hell not just gonna keep dying to it.. You know they've got some other streaks coming in as well.

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