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User Info: flavaham

4 years ago#1
I'm working on diamonds for ARs and shotguns. Any tips for this? Blood Thirsty medals are giving me the most trouble. I don't have the patience to camp, and frankly, I'm not very good at camping, so what should I do??

Any and all tips on getting diamond camo would be great! Thanks!!

User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#2
In general?

- FFA all day. Much easier to get bloodthirsties, more targets in general, lots of distracted enemies to line up headshots on, and revenge spawns for those revenge medals.

- Make a class with Ghost and/or lightweight, toughness and/or scavenger [tough for AR/LMG, scav for others] and engineer+dexterity. Engineer+dexterity help everything, no matter what. I also recommend using 1 tactical [concussion to stun enemies and line up your shot], no secondary [don't dilute your goal] and then experiment with primary/secondary gunfighter setups [godmode guns make accuracy/spread, etc. less of a deterrent.]

- Focus on the headshots first. Set up a quota of 5 per match. Go after them actively, throw your K/D to the wind, and you'll get them in no time.

- After the headshots, re-spec your class. No perks, no attachments, tactician, two concussion and two shock charges. Learn to use ironsights, learn the high-activity areas on the maps, and learn the spawns. Use these, and you'll get cherry and art of war quickly.

- Revenge kills, double kills and bloodthirsties will come easily enough once you've been using vanilla class for 150 kills and then suddenly go back to multiple attachments and crutch perks. You'll feel godly and play more confidently.

Weapon type specific?

- For Shotties... it's easy. Hardcore KC for the 1216 and S12 one shot medals, the Remy is a noob cannon so that's not hard, and they'vefixed the KSG so that thing is beastly now, too.

- SMGs... get the vector done first, MP7 second. Every other SMG outclasses them, and they'll all feel that much easier. Do NOT go hardcore; they kill too quickly. Shoot center mass and then pull up.

- Specials... Sticks and stones for crossbow/ballistic, get your combat knife done while doing the others, and good luck with the shield. I literally dropped my k/d from a 2.0 to a 1.0 doing the damn shield. Hardcore KC is your friend there, though. 1 hit bash kills, distracted opponents.

- Launchers... again, FFA. Everyone runs low streaks because it's harder to get highstreaks there. You'll be blasting 4 - 10 UAVs out of the sky per match, no joke. Back to hardcore KC for those pesky double and triple kills later on.

- Pistols - this one is fun. Treat them like you did SMGs save for the executioner, which you need to play like an S12.

- Snipers and LMGs... you're on your own. I suppose... for snipers, camp. For LMG, target finder all day long? I have no idea. I imagine the ARs are similar to the SMGs, as well.

Good luck, man.
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4 years ago#3
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