Correlation between someone's k/d ratio and the amount of lag they experience?

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  3. Correlation between someone's k/d ratio and the amount of lag they experience?

User Info: Staind Hart

Staind Hart
4 years ago#1
Just wondering what people's k/d is in relation to amount the of lag experienced.
Honestly, I'm pretty happy that I've managed to make it to 0.97 because the vast majority of matches I find myself "on the wrong side of the lag".
I won't bore you with a wall of text raging about how I got killed when I was already in cover, or how I can pump bullet after bullet into someone only for them to one shot me with an executioner. There's already far too much of that garbage cluttering up the place and that's not what this is about.

I'm quite interested in hearing from the 2.00> players. Of course I understand that map knowledge and general awareness do come into play, however I just don't see it being possible to pull that kind of ratio without some connection help. If any of you guys have any (in game) tips to help when getting bogged down in lag (other than camping) it would be much appreciated.

(Might also be worth pointing out, like others, I have no issues with any other game online. After not being able even to find a game in BO2 for around 45 mins I threw in BO1 and found a game instantly. Out of the 4 matches I played I didn't experience any real issues, and I'd say only once was I killed as a result of lag.)
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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#2
Obviously if one experiences more lag, they'll have a harder time maintaining a high K/D ratio. But it's not like if someone has a high K/D, then they are always on a good connection. I don't believe that people have high K/Ds solely (or even mainly) because of their connection.

I have a high K/D...why do I believe that it's not because of my connection? Because I've been playing CoD online MP since CoD4, and since WaW I've been able to maintain a 2+ K/D. I've played on a variety of connections, both good and bad. Throughout the earlier installments (CoD4 up through BO1), I lived with my mom while I was in high school. My internet was pretty bad (<5 up/down, and ping would be above 20 even when connecting to a nearby server on speedtest). Now that I'm up at college, I play on a much better internet connection. I've also of course played at friend's houses throughout the years. While on different connections, I've never had any type of great fluctuation in stats, aside from the slight improvement over the years due to experience (first became noticeable to me in MW2).

So yeah, that's why I don't buy the whole "connection is the reason you do well" argument. I've been doing well in CoD for years now while playing on varying types of internet connections. I don't believe my connection is a large part of why I do well.

There are certain lobbies where you might have trouble, but then there will also be lobbies where you have it easier than others. It ends up balancing out, and thus, those who are solid players will have the more consistent stats since they're able to play well even if they might not be on a favorable connection.

tl;dr: Connection plays a part, but isn't what makes a player. Good players are good, and bad players are bad.
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User Info: Generalk121

4 years ago#3

Out of the 3 hours i played this game for I've been on the receiving end of lag comp more times than I haven't. If a player is looking to improve their ratio, there are two main things they should be familiar with with the exclusion of whether there is lag or not. One being knowing the spawns, and awareness. Yes, lag plays an important part in CoD but it's your own damn fault to allow yourself to be caught off guard and to be put in a situation where lag decides the victor.

Frankly, I don't enjoy this series anymore. The main enjoyment for me was knowing and letting the people I play against know that I'm good. But if I by chance completely dominate a game, all I can think about is that they were probably experiencing a ton of unfair **** because of lag.

tldr; k/d doesn't really mean anything in this game.
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User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#4
I would agree with the first response. The amount of lag doesn't have any effect on the amount of skill someone possesses, however, I'm sure folks that are consistently on the better side of lag probably have a slightly higher K/D from winning those close gunfights and possibly getting more score streaks.

I've typically had the best internet package my ISP had to offer so I'm sure my K/D is slightly padded. I've gone from a 1.4 in World at War to almost a 4 K/D in Black Ops 2 so just having an overall understanding of the game mechanics and how certain game modes play is much more valuable than having a perfect connection.
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User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#6
Connection is the key on this game as well as MW3.

Unlike the other CoD titles where there may be one or two people who posses "god mode" thanks to being host or having close proximity to host, in this game and MW3 before it (BlOps 1 to an extent as well) if you are host you are pretty much screwed.

Those that get host a lot like I do can barely win gunfights on even unsuspecting enemies. I have dumped magazines into peoples backs yet in the kill cam I am standing still and the guy who I was shooting in the back magically turns and kills me with zero indication that he was shot or that I was even shooting at him.

While I agree a bad player or a person that just doesn't care will be that way on any connection, a "good" player can only go so far when technical limitations are at play. For some people the good lag to bad lag ratio in terms of matches doesn't actually even out. It hasn't for me since the patch in December. While I don't think K/D is a factor to judge how good a player is my K/D went from a 1.8 something down to like a 1.2 something over the course of a month thanks to consistently getting host.

I typically had host before the patch as well but during that time the connections didn't seem to be as sensitive meaning that one or two three bars still made the game playable. Now if there is a single three bar or any sort of fluctuating connections then the game is going to go poorly for me, especially when I am host.

I find it amusing when I play HC and am host and am a three bar. I know I'm host since the game won't let me be kicked for team killing which is something I do to test if I am actually host when I am being invisible killed or when I dump a magazine, in hardcore, into a guy and receive no kill or even assist. That is crazy that the game dumbs down my connection.

While I never cared about my stats to begin with there is a pretty big correlation in terms of stats and who is a "good" or "bad" player. I loved how I can go from dropping 3 AGRs in a KC game off host with 3+ K/D (I don't remember the exact stat) to barely being able to pull a 1.0 K/D on host.

Side-note: It really makes me sad when the top players in the lobby are typically the fluctuating connections or the solid three bars. Rarely do I see 4 bar connections at the number one position. If they are at the 1 position it is usually thanks to score or tags and not in terms of K/D.
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