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User Info: Ha_D00D

4 years ago#11
shadowsofdawn posted...
Ha_D00D posted...
shadowsofdawn posted...
Ha_D00D posted...
I earned my chain killer before I even got fury (5 kills) this reset. I felt pretty ripped off that it would just skip over the lower kill chains. Demolition is your friend.

Eh, not really. Demo is the only game mode I play and still don't have any of these despite a few really crazy good games. I think ground war is the going to be the easiest.

If you can set up a good one man trap on hijacked/slums/raid/drone, it isn't TOO difficult.

Problem is you need multiple people to setup up a tight spawn trap, which means you are fighting them for kills in a tight window to keep the chain going.

Now that I think of it, with 1 other person, with minimal effort on their part, you could achieve this relatively easily if you set up a trap on standoff. One guy covering the alley to prevent escape, with the other guy head glitching or circling the tank, completely trapping the enemy team in the back of their spawn. From the tank, you can literally watch them spawn.

EDIT: I spawn trap solo for the most part. It is a matter of manipulating the enemy as they all try to rush you. Never stay in one sight line. Pop a few guys, switch to a new location, and just rotate. That keeps them guessing and keeps you alive.
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User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#12
I've done it twice on XBOX and once on the PS3. All of them were in 6v6 Domination where I killed several of the enemies mid-map and then continued to rush their spawn as they were spawning in one by one. I know one of them ones on Slums and one of them was on Plaza, I can't recall the third.
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User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#13
The highest I've gotten so far is Ultra Killer (8), but that was before I reset. That calling card was the number reason I didn't want to reset. The highest I've gotten since is Mega Killer (6) and I just got that last week on Slums. I got Ultra Killer on Hijacked at the fore of the boat. I was playing hardcore Kill Confirmed both times and Treyarch decided to continually spawn the entire team in front of me.

User Info: Artemis787

4 years ago#14
Demolition is where I get my Mega Kills from so I don't see it being much harder to get a Chain Killer there. Just look for Hijacked. Play offense get your Tac Insert. Place it on the two life boats then kill them as they spawn right in front of you. Use something that has alot of ammo or kills pretty fast.
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