How would YOU design the last DLC to last beyond the next game?

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  3. How would YOU design the last DLC to last beyond the next game?

User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#1
What would you do for the last DLC for this game, to make sure that this game lasts longer for more people (what would you include)?
When would you release it?
Would you add other bonuses to it?


My ideal final DLC pack:

-Bring back Nova Gas (buffing Tactical Mask), more powerful and as a lethal, and Decoy grenades (as tactical)
-Bring all of the past weapons from the campaign into multiplayer

-Add a White House zombies map, and a jungle-esque zombies map with dinosaurs (accidentally went back too far in time; has to find something to power up time-travel to return; survive against zombie dinosaurs, using new weapons only for this map, such as spears that you build, or a slingshot with sulfuric rocks; you take the pack-a-punch machine with you, to be powered by things you find; always have Jugger-nog, Speed Cola, Quick-Revive, and Stamin-up; no other perk-a-colas)

-Bring back all of the maps from 3, and add Seelow, Discovery, Villa, and Silo
-make the initial section from Judgement Day (the last level in the campaign) a map (up to when you enter the main building)

-charge $30 (Treyarch makes more money; people get more content; season pass owners get more for the money the paid)
-Use Force to kill grue
-Your midichlorian count isn't high enough; you are eaten by a grue

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#2
I would bring back all of the MW2 maps :)
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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#3
Bring back the nova gas? Yes please. That was actually a rather good deterrent/keeping people from rushing into a area that quickly.

I always wondered why have the tactical nuke in BO1 when they could have had a Nova gas airstrike on the entire map... So basically it would cover the map in similar gas as that one campaign map.
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User Info: Andarist

4 years ago#4
Let's see

add The Pit, Midship, aaand Sanc? Yeah, let's go Sanc.

this game needs some decent maps already.
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  3. How would YOU design the last DLC to last beyond the next game?

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