COD habits you have good or bad ones. Lets hear them.

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User Info: allaboutjosh14

4 years ago#61
BipBapBam posted...
Reload after every kill. >_>

My God i have this habit too. Smh
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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#62
playing every cod like it has mw2s netcode
Souvlaki space station

User Info: Skystrike70

4 years ago#63
Good habits:
-Keeping aware of my immediate surroundings very well so I can't be snuck up on easily.
-I don't rage.
-I don't camp.
-I kill things.
-I don't brag about my COD skills even though I suck, like some people ( don't judge, this was my first COD about 2 weeks ago xD)

Bad habits:
-I usually get the most kills but the most deaths ( while still going positive, usually in Team Deathmatch I go 75 kills, 35 deaths or something)
-I lie about not raging.
-I pretty much use one or two classes for every map no matter how well suited the class is to the map
-I tend to unload all the ammo in my gun at a single guy when I get suprised and still not get him xD
-I keep clicking the right joystick-thing when I'm trying to shoot.
-I get killed.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#64
Switching to a pistol when my primary mag empties. (This can really catch ppl off guard)
Picking fights, especially with shotguns.

I rage somewhat easily at times and then quit over stupid stuff.

User Info: lunaticcore

4 years ago#65
Meltdown on bad team mates when they drop the ball on things.

I crave a team that works together, but I can't be bothered to ever have a my mic on because I don't want people to hear me complaining.

User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
4 years ago#66
I really do have to learn more weapon variety. I'm a prestige 5 and I would say half the weapons I have not even tried yet. I should pull weapon names from hat and that is the weapon I must use for that session.
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User Info: JPSTheBigFella

4 years ago#67
BipBapBam posted...
Reload after every kill. >_>

This times a billion

One of the reasons why I now love LMG's
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  3. COD habits you have good or bad ones. Lets hear them.

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