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User Info: timilayas99

4 years ago#1
Always use the newest camo you unlock or do you use the you like best? I use the one I like best. Just curious on what people do.

User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

4 years ago#2
A combination of the one I like best. I use a different cammo for each gun.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#3
I stick with the cherry blossom camo.
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User Info: georgiaboy11

4 years ago#4
I stick with the blue tiger.

Blue tiger/dot reticle which is blue on the peacekeeper with those blue sights. Not to shabby.

User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#5
i stick with the guns original color... have a few gold but just for the stats and the fact of doing it, but i've still never used one except the ones i've picked up off bodies.

User Info: brawl4fun

4 years ago#6
For the Headshots/Aircraft/etc, I will use tthe latest one unlocked.

But with the camos after Typhon, I normally use Art of War, Ronin, or Skulls. Depending on when I unlock them.

Then after that it's Gold/Diamond. (Though I don't even have a single Diamond gun under my belt :( )
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User Info: JonJonFTW

4 years ago#7
I use the CE Digital until I get Blue Tiger, then I use every camo I get until I lock the next one.
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User Info: PvtPorkSord

4 years ago#8
I prefer Siberian camo until cherry blossom.

User Info: elchris79

4 years ago#9
I sorta forget about camos til I unlock gold... Equip it then instantly remove that weapon from my classes. Blops 2 life is WEIRD.

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#10
I kinda wish more guns had the two tone finish that the M4 in MW2 had.

I loved that ****. Always like the black on OD green or tan.
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