Would per-game stats greatly improve the leaderboards?

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  3. Would per-game stats greatly improve the leaderboards?

User Info: KiloMeda

4 years ago#1
If COD tracked stats much like basketball does, would the leaderboards be a better reflection of that player's expected output?

We have k/d, which by itself does not tell much. A 5-1 5.0k/d player is obviously not as good as a 50-10 5.0 k/d player.

Score per minute attempted to reveal more about a player, but it is slightly abstract and the "per minute" aspect of it hurts the stats' credibility a bit as a good player on a good team will win much faster than a good player on a mediocre team.

Many people will compare k/d and spm to get a good idea of a player's ability. Wouldn't it just be easier to have your average stats per game put on display?

Player: 35.5 kills per game/ 9.2 deaths per game/ 7.6 captures per game/ 12.2 defends per game.

Team Deathmatch:
Player: 25.8 kills per game/20.1 deaths per game/6.7 assists per game

Looking at a leaderboard built this way would give an improved glance of a player's contribution.

Weakness of tracking these stats:
Good teams will finish matches earlier, so may have weaker stats per game. Yet, I still feel this would be a huge improvement over the current leaderboards.

Total kills/caps/defuses per game type does not say much about a player
I don't care about stats too much, but this just seemed too easy to implement and much easier to understand than "spm." No one cares how many total caps you have on the Domination leaderboards; they want to know how many you get in a game.

I am probably forgetting something that makes this a dumb idea...

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#2
It all works toward the same end.

The stats we have now are on a per game basis. Just not quite as detailed.
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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#3
A combination of K/D and SPM is usually a decent gauge to tell how a player plays. A player with a 2.5 K/D but a 200 SPM in KC obviously camps, but a 2.5 K/D with a 450 SPM is a successful rusher and probably the overall better player.

User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't mind having a kill / death spread in the leaderboards, but it shouldn't sorted like that (due to parties, competing with several good teammates). I'm mainly talking about TDM / FFA here though.
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  3. Would per-game stats greatly improve the leaderboards?

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