Treyarch shouldn't be allowed to design maps.

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User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#51
__redxiii__ posted...
Nidtendofreak posted...
geodANGER posted...
Nidtendofreak posted...
geodANGER posted...
Black ops are the best maps I have ever played

SUMMIT, NUKETOWN, Firing range, jungle, havana, hotel, STADIUM ,Kowloon, Berlin wall , DIscovery so cool, Array,wmd,zoo Hanger 18, SIlo, Hazard Jesus i think I loved every single map besides Cracked

Black OPs 2 is also pretty good Standoff, Raid, Slums, The entire revolution pack

I can't think of 1 map I liked In the Modern Warfare series besides the one on the boat in COD4 and Rust for 1 on 1.

I hate the color of MW maps everything is so dark grey and they are too big

I really like Treyarch 3 way path system they are simple and you have consistent good gun battles Awesome for Domination my main mode.

You mentioned Nuketown as a good map.

You just invalided your opinion.

Nuketown is awesome your opinion is invalid

The map that ruined map design in the following two games is not awesome. Its for ADD little kids who are too stupid to realize that hey, actually being able to take three sets out of spawn without ducking bullet fire is a good thing. Spawns that don't flip the moment you take ten steps out of them is a good. Being able to actually move around and flank instead of a mindless chaotic mess is a good thing. Those are all reasons why MW1 and MW2's maps simply destroy ever other CoD games' set of maps.

You want an actually awesome map? Look at Highrise. Look at Crossfire. Look at Terminal. Look at Favela. Look at Strike. Look at Crash. Notice how they all allow for the things I mentioned and how Nuketown fails to do so?

Nuketown is a terrible, terrible map on a factual level and Treyarch needs to apologize for making it.

Nuketown is for people who don't want to have to look for someone. There's a lot of information you gotta take in and you need good gun skill and reflexes. Sounds like you're that camper on top of the rock in Jungle who has none of this.

I wasn't aware that Marathon Pro was a great camping perk back in BO1. It was my most common perk in that tier. Or that the Enfield was a typical camper's weapon, what with it having a faster ADS time which meant you could use Warlord on it instead of SoH and still have a solid rushing weapon.

Nuketown isn't about good gun skill. There is no gun skill involved in spawning, taking one step to the right out of the fenced in area, and seeing the enemy that just spawned where you were a few seconds ago running away still. Its for people who can't think and play at the same time, all they can do is mindlessly charge in a single direction and hope to kill somebody.
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