What would your title be?

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User Info: murdokthegreat

4 years ago#1
First part of your title

KD: 0 - 0.25 = major malfunction
KD: 0.26-0.35 = sergeant suckass
KD: 0.36-0.55 = lieutenant lamepants
KD: 0.56-0.70 = commander crapchute
KD: 0.71-0.85 = corporal couchpotato
KD: 0.86-0.95 = soldier subaverage
KD: 0.96-1.05 = general gramps
KD: 1.06-1.20 = president punches
KD: 1.21-1.39 = major money
KD: 1.40-1.51= sergeant steel
KD: 1.52-1.69 = lieutenant laserbeam
KD: 1.70-1.89 = commander cool
KD 1.90-2.00 = corporal cruel
KD 2.01-2.20 = soldier shank
KD 2.21-2.50 general gore
KD: 2.51-2.75 president pillager
KD: 2.76-8.00 king killer
KD: 8.01- 99 = booster buttcrack

+ second part of your title

SPM: 0-100 = the slug
SPM: 101-125 = the snail
SPM: 126-150 = the camper
SPM: 151-200 = the cornerlover
SPM: 201-225 = the patient
SPM: 226-250 = the indecent
SPM: 251-275 = the wanderer
SPM: 276-300 = the teamplayer
SPM: 301-325 = the gracious
SPM: 326-350 = the braveheart
SPM: 351-375 = the tactical
SPM: 376-400 = the mastermind
SPM: 401-425 = the magnificent
SPM: 426-450 = the powerful
SPM: 451-500 = the dominator
SPM: 501-600 = the nuclear
SPM: 601-9,000 = the questionable

User Info: jamejame

4 years ago#2
Commander Cool 8)

User Info: Gray_wolf1119

4 years ago#3
Soldier Subaverage the Gracious

...weird but ok.
GT: Fang1192

User Info: nath999

4 years ago#4
Haha Commander Cool used to be my gamertag.
PSN / GT: Deathstroke XII

User Info: Untitled

4 years ago#5
Soldier Shank, The Tactical.
PSN ID: [OKC] OkamiHaley Steam ID: ihateonlinegaming

User Info: jamejame

4 years ago#6
Whoops. Didn't see the 2nd part. Commander Cool, the Dominator. Yeeahh.

User Info: Lannekir

4 years ago#7
king killer, the questionable.
"As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big."

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#8
King Killer The Nuclear.

xD I actually laughed at some of these.
I'm careless, but I care.
GT: Noitrez

User Info: DakotaOnFireNow

4 years ago#9
Corporal Cruel, The Mastermind.
... I like it.
I give this post 7/7 asses.

User Info: werkz_destroyz

4 years ago#10
Soldier shank , the mastermind
Gt: werkz destroyz
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