Hail Mary Challenge EASY WAY.

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User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#1
So I had about 30 minutes to get this challenge before leaving for class. Bonus moshpit wasn't helping me so I went to ground war and we got Raid domination.

I tried to get the across the map tomahawk kill form the A spawn, but I couldn't get it. I think it was tough because the C spawn has that choke point with a lot of roof overhang, so I had trouble threading the needle.

I was just about to quit, then decided to stick around for the start of the next round. This time I was at C trying to pick a guy off at A. A doesn't have any obstructions so I figured it'd be easier.

Sure enough, I threw those hatchets and within two seconds I see: Chopped up, first blood, long shot, Hail Mary challenge complete, All Humiliation Unlocks complete.

I almost fell out of my chair.

tl;dr: For Hail Mary challenge, go to ground war and get Raid domination and spawn at C, and then throw at A at the beginning of the round. There will be about 8 people waiting for that hatchet to come whizzing into their spawn.

User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#2
So I just watched a tutorial on Raid and the guy had some good search and destroy and domination spots. The only problem though is that the domination spots work, but you can't get to them right at the first spawn of the round.

By far the fastest way was just to throw TWO hatchets at A from the C spawn. There are no obstructions in the way, and ground war will give you 8 people to hit...........and with the two hatchets thrown you actually have a good chance!

User Info: Zombie2626

4 years ago#3
How high into the sky are you aiming? I did this on Overflow over the. ramp and was sure I got. it but wasn't far enough.

User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#4
I spawned at C and just threw the two hatchets over the white roof hanging over the choke point/alley right in front of C.

I aimed maybe like at a 60 degree angle. I can't remember if I jumped or not.

But it was very far. All the way from my C spawn to their A spawn. As soon as I spawned I threw it in a straight line right over that white roof.

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#5
My friend got it on Hijacked in a regular KC game. First blood hail mary
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User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#6
darkshadowmaster posted...
My friend got it on Hijacked in a regular KC game. First blood hail mary

Yeah, Hijacked is good too.

Unfortunately for me, I tried several match sand just couldn't get it. But that is a good map as well!

User Info: ragefan187

4 years ago#7
Man I've been trying to get that freaking football logo for a while now haha ima try this

User Info: GODx_x666

4 years ago#8
I have done it 2 ways.



Both in the same week. IDK what to tell you TC but Domo and TDM are good for this challenge.
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#9
Both vids are the same link.
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User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#10
Just got one on Hijacked domination! The guy was inactive and it it him square in the nose LOL!!!!!!!!!
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