ITT: Post your stats for your available CoD's!

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User Info: Garrafan

4 years ago#1
Modern Warfare 2
Prestige 0 Level 68
Kills: 6,497
Deaths: 6,337
K/D: 1.02

Black Ops
Prestige 3 Level 31
Kills: 10,496
Deaths: 9,334
Favorite Weapon: AK-74u
K/D: 1.12

Modern Warfare 3
Prestige 0 Level 19
Kills: 229
Deaths: 300
Favorite Weapon: UMP45?
K/D: 0.76

Black Ops 2
Prestige 2 Level 46
Kills: 6,656
Deaths: 6,861
Favorite Weapon: Chicom CQB
K/D: 0.97

Kills: 23,878
Deaths: 22,832
K/D: 1.04
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User Info: JSpilla

4 years ago#3
hmm, MW3 was my first COD, but I did go back to play most (did MW2 for MW3 CaC slot, and played Black Ops before Black Ops 2 came out), so...

Modern Warfare 2
Prestige 1
Kills: ~6k
K/D: 1.41

Black Ops
Prestige 1
Kills: ~4k
Favorite Weapon: AK47, AK74u, Commando
K/D: 2.59

Modern Warfare 3
Prestige 1
Kills: ~32k
Favorite Weapon: PP90
K/D: 1.51

Black Ops 2
Prestige 7
Kills: ~31k
Favorite Weapon: Have used the PDW the most (I know!) but my favorite weapon is the AN-94
K/D: 2.64

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#4
cod 4
non prestige level 50? i think.
under a 1 k/d.

non prestige, idk what level.
1ish k/d.

10th 70
1.2 k/d

blops 1
10th 50
2.2 k/d

20th 50 or whatever max level was
2.8 k/d

blops 2
prestige master but i reset. now i'm 4th or 5th prestige.
3.5 k/d.
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User Info: DoNotPassGoPSMO

4 years ago#5
K/d = 1.79

K/d = 2.84

K/d = 3.65

K/d = 2.24

Blops 2: (currently)
P8-L1 (prestiged last night before I got off)
K/d = 2.21
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User Info: blackweasel30

4 years ago#6
10th prestige 55
1.75 kd

WaW 4th prestige 10
1.00 kd

Black Ops 5th prestige 50
2.25 kd

Modern Warfare 2 1st prestige 70
1.00 kd

Modern Warfare 3 3rd prestige 70
1.5 kd

Black Ops 2 7th prestige 20
1.12 kd
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User Info: Shura_Surplice

4 years ago#7
Most played game type SnD (I played it 95% of the time lol)
K/D 1.67
10th prestige
Favorite guns: MP5, P90, G36C, M40Iforgotthename

Most played gametype SnD (85%)
K/D 1.71
9th prestige
Favorite guns: SCAR, UMP45, P90, M16, Intervention and when I got tired of all the noobs with shotguns the AA-12 lol

Most played gametype SnD (70%)
K/D 1.96
7th prestige
Favorite guns: Famas, AK74, AK47, I don't remember the name of the sniper but most people used that one,.

Most played gametype Domination (90%)
K/D 2.18
20th prestige
Favorite guns: MP7, P90, PP90, ACR and G36.

Most played Gametype SnD (50%)
K/D 2.07
6th prestige
Favorite guns: Skorpion, M8A1, FAL, Chicom and Ballista.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#8
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- Xbox 360 (old gamertag, NejiHyuga900):
-- Prestige/Rank: I think P1, R40.
-- K/D Ratio: I don't remember but it is around 0.70
- PC:
-- Prestige/Rank: P0, R12
-- Kills: 287
-- Deaths: 429
-- K/D Ratio: 0.669

Call of Duty: World at War
- Xbox 360 (old gamertag, NejiHyuga900): I don't remember but my K/D is very low due to playing against hackers... I hate the console version of WaW! I never had this game before the hacks.
- PC: My highest among all CoD games but I am been playing against bots via Pezbotwaw mod since I couldn't find any good servers. The PC version of WaW is the best!
-- Prestige/Rank: P0, R18
-- Kills: 336
-- Death: 180
-- K/D Ratio: 1.867

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- Xbox 360 (old gamertag, NejiHyuga900): I don't remember but it's under 1.00
- Xbox 360 (current gamertag, TDPNeji): I don't remember but I am too lazy to get off my computer to check but it's under 1.00

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II
- Old Gamertag (NejiHyuga900):
- Current Gamertag (TDPNeji):

And I mostly play Domination in every CoD game excluding WaW on PC, in which I play FFA against bots.
Xbox 360 Gamertag & Nintendo Network ID: TDPNeji
Steam ID: NejiHyuga900

User Info: Roketoman

4 years ago#9
Off the top of my head(each at their guest not current):

MW1: 1.5kd
W@W: 1.4kd
MW2: 1.67kd
BO1: 2.38kd
MW3: 2.11kd
BO2: 2.55kd

I played nothing but hardcore TDM in most of these, until Kill confirmed came along.

Oh and TC, I think A7X is a horrible band. No offense.
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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#10
cod4 - 2.9
waw - 2.6
mw2 - 2.08
bo1 - 2.8
mw3 - 2..5
bo2 - 1.95
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