RIP Noob Tube...Hello RPG

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User Info: A_Monster

4 years ago#1
My long running class since CoD4 is no more. No more wounding the enemy, then firing a grenade shell to finish the job...

Even in its weakened state, I found great use of it in MW3. Now not only does it have weak damage and no ability to resupply, but the Pick 10 System means using the Attachment has become more wasteful than past games. I could always slap on GL and Stock in MW3 and be fine. But now that point must be spent on something else.

I'm going to try and use RPG and Fast hands as a replacement. Confirm if a room is clear, kill wounded enemies behind cover, and punish rushers around corners.
Warcraft Got Back

User Info: Mean_Beanie

4 years ago#2
At least the noob tube is accurate. Can you really say that about the RPG?
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