What is your go-to gun+attachments?

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User Info: RedRaven80

4 years ago#11
SMG silenced (MSMC and Skorpion EVO) with Ghost, Lightweight, Toughness, Extreme Conditioning and Tactical Mask/Dexterity.

on my Skorpion class I took off Dexterityandput on Scavenger, because that gun burns bullets.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#12
MK 48 with FMJ and either dual band or target finder.
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User Info: slord23

4 years ago#13
I mess around with my best class quite a bit, but right now it is:

-Hybrid sight

Flak Jacket
Dexterity/Tactical Mask

Primary Gunfighter
Perk 3 greed
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User Info: lunaticcore

4 years ago#14
Lsat Silencer+Dual Band+Stock


If I gotta move around I use a Chicom CQB Dual mags + w/e
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  3. What is your go-to gun+attachments?

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