"Quickscoping is easy/cheap/OP" - guy who has never tried it

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  3. "Quickscoping is easy/cheap/OP" - guy who has never tried it

User Info: jazsper77

4 years ago#131
It's easy,every single member of my clan can go 4.0 plus k/d quickscoping. Please we can teach a monkey to get 20 plus kills a game w it.

The real problem is you keep reverting to 12yr olds who watch YouTube and wanna do it. Well when your playing against better matched players they don't go negative. That tells me so called good players on gamefaqs play in regular lobbies. Lmfao

Try playing in advanced lobbies,private games,league play. That's right the so-called gods of this board got scraped in league pay. Lmfao

User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#132
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
ImTooSkilledd posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
Has TC or any other glitch-lover posted proof about how quickscoping takes skill/doesn't aim for you?

What's that fallacy about you believing your point of view is correct just because the other point is "unproven"? Oh yea, argumentum ad ignorantiam.

Proof that it takes skill: Vast majority of quickscopers are bad and go negative most of the time. You can't just decide you want to start quickscoping and immediately hit the majority of the shots you take. This shows that it takes skill and requires at least some amount of aiming. I could invite you to a play and we'll go into a lobby and see how well you do. If it takes no skill and requires no aiming, you should do fine right?

I'm sure you'll have some excuse as for why you won't do it though. You'd rather attempt to make yourself look smart and argue just for the sake of arguing instead of taking 10 minutes of your time that would clear everything up.

Right, so riot shielding takes the most skill in the game because so many people go negative doing it. Nice logic.

Yes, being able to do consistently well with the Riot Shield takes more skill than doing so with an AR/SMG. Regardless of whether you agree with that...

Please explain to me why there are so many bad quickscopers who do poorly if it doesn't take any skill? Not even talking about the score aspect of it; so many quickscopers that you run across take multiple shots and miss them all while trying to quickscope. What separates those people from the quickscopers who CAN consistently hit shots and do well with it? I'm curious as to what you attribute it to.
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"Please tell us again of the importance of being a pro Call of Duty player. I seemed to have missed that."
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  3. "Quickscoping is easy/cheap/OP" - guy who has never tried it

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