Whas chanegd from Blops 1?

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User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
4 years ago#11
Plus overpowered automated kill streak rewards, like a dart which is basically a free kill which doesn't have to be controlled, huge range on sentry guns, which are whilst easy to take out with EMP and some degree Black Hats are a pain and take too long to destroy with regular weapons. Also Guardians on your objective are a pain in Hard Core, and the AGR is overpowered IMO, very powerful automated and can take a lot to destroy, without EMPs.

Almost all of the above is wrong. Every scorestreak save for the few top-tier ones are trivially easy to counter/destroy, and it's entirely on the player if one is unable to do so.

Changes from Black Ops to Black Ops II:

-Pick 10. Create a Class now gives the player an empty class template and allows players to pick and choose weapons, perks, and attachments more freely, with each of the above all costing one of ten points per class.

-As a result of the above, perks have been simplified, with many only offering a single effect (i.e. no "Pro" perks). Additionally, perks are now restricted those modifiers which affect the player with any modifiers that effect the player's gun now being an attachment. For example, the basic effect of franchise staple Sleight of Hand is now the Fast Mag attachment.

-Weapons are significantly more varied within their respective classes than in Black Ops, which took largely approached weapon balance by utilizing only a couple of templates for rates of fire and damage per weapon class. This time around, 3arc clearly went out of their way to give each weapon a role or niche (however small that turned out to be for some).

-Killstreaks have been replaced by scorestreaks. Player actions which coincide with scoring events now build towards streaks that reset upon death. Scoring events include killing opposing players or playing the objective. This overlap between player and team interest encourages players to play in such a way that benefits their team more so than past titles.

-Stealth classes are generally less advantageous compared to Black Ops. The Ghost perk from Black Ops has been split up into three perks across two tiers, and the player will only be invisible to UAV sweeps if the player is moving.

-Approach to map design has shifted to favor more simplistic designs with smaller total playable area, which is turn somewhat balanced by a prevalence of cover. There are multiple points of entry to almost all playable areas, consistent with previous 3arc map efforts.

-The developers have also seemingly decided to take yet another approach to addressing the lag issue instead of reverting to the more successful (albeit more simplistic) models of earlier titles. Network tests consistently reveal delays of 100-150ms for non-host players; when this delay is in effect, a four bar connection in Black Ops II is roughly the equivalent of a three bar in past games. This has caused widespread frustration for many players.

-The playlist offering has been overhauled. KC has returned from MW3, and there is now a general separation between Public and League, with the latter featuring ladder-based ranked playlists. There are less playlists in general, i.e. less Hardcore offerings, no Barebones, so on and so forth.

-Player skill pools play a larger role in determining lobby/team makeups than in any past title. Skill-based matchmaking? Not quite, but the "auto-balancing" mechanisms appear much more influential than before.

There's probably more.
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4 years ago#12
How was that all wrong? I mentioned counters, and obviously you can have equipment, perks and what ever to counter, but if you haven't those on you can well be bugged.

And Score Streaks are much easier to get a kill with this time around.

The game is like COD with stabilisers on, too easy to get cheap kills with.

Where is the skill in a Hunter Killer Drone?
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