you go-to gun and your real life job

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User Info: Tube_of_Noob

4 years ago#71
FAL w/ Rds and quick mags

CNC Machinist
Rick Grimes for President 2012

User Info: ukmsalford

4 years ago#72
Msmc red dot & fast mags

kitchen porter by day, DJ by night

User Info: Dezcore

4 years ago#73
Mk48 Sup/TF/FMJ

Customer Services.

User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#74

New Commentary! 11/22/12-
GT: Dan Harkinz

User Info: chiarorabbit

4 years ago#75
Combat Axe

Network Administrator at an Eye Hosipital in Philadelphia............I've seen...........things............eye things.

User Info: theLongR0D

4 years ago#76
YetiStewPS3 posted...
__redxiii__ posted...
YetiStewPS3 posted...
Gun:MP7 w/ Red Dot and Long Barrell HTM/HKC
2.2 KD

Job: Independent Insurance Agent

Death and taxes my friend

stealth brag he asked for gun not life story

Not trying to measure my epeen, many other things I would brag about other than my k/d irl bud

Funny, I am an Insurance Broker and my go to is also MP7 w/red dot and long barrel LOL

User Info: WhiteAngel50

4 years ago#77
Mine is the FAL

Im a direct service provider

I help people who have disabilities acheive their goals in life. A Damn good paying job too. I didnt even go to school for it. $12.80 an hour.
Xbox Live GT: WhiteAngel50

User Info: GallisOTK

4 years ago#78
LSAT w/ Quickdraw Handle and Adjustable Stock
currently unemployed and attending college

User Info: Roketoman

4 years ago#79

Custodian at a large church.
Christ is Lord

User Info: videogames2004

4 years ago#80
AWarAmp84 posted...
chris_ posted...
Lately I've been using the SWAT A LOT...
Im also a nurse (male nurse)... you wont believe the amount of poon you get working in a hospital environment.
I work now as a study coordinator for pharmaceutical companies... I havent worked in a hospital for years.

A male nurse? hahaha All I can think of is Meet the Parents.


I worked as a Psych nurse for a few years. Being a male in a hospital is amazing. Almost as good as being at college.
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