you go-to gun and your real life job

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User Info: STRAKAZulu

4 years ago#91
MTAR, Reflex & Fast Mag.

Stay-at-home Dad, for now. F****** economy... Hope to go back to college once rugrat is in school full-time.
Gaming Commandment IX: Thou shalt Teabag ONLY in the wake of Unquestionable Ownage
Gamertag: STRAKAZulu

User Info: NekoEspirito

4 years ago#92
PDW when I'm tryharding.

Outside Marketer in Seattle for Costco Wholesale. Building a health and wellness business on the side to eventually leave.
Xbox gamertag: NekoEspirito
NekoEspirito CoD MW3 AC: 0018-3623-8313

User Info: ragefan187

4 years ago#93
whatupeveryoneh posted...

still the best gun in the game with or without the select fire.
I don't have a job at the moment since I got fired from slapping my boss when he called me a lazy ass n*****. That pissed the hell out of me.

slap? To avoid assault chargers I assume ha where do you live the south?

User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#94
Go-to gun is either the MK-48 with target finder/fmj/silencer or the SCAR-H with stock/silencer.

I am a sports editor/writer/ and photographer for a newspaper.
Xbox live gamertag: winteragent
Sous chef
"This kid Danny Fortson reminds me of a kid named Kevin McHale." - Tommy Heinsohn

User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#96
FAL stock, fmj, extended mags

I ship and purchase drugs for a mail order pharmacy.
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User Info: PvtPorkSord

4 years ago#97
WhiteAngel50 posted...
Mine is the FAL

Im a direct service provider

I help people who have disabilities acheive their goals in life. A Damn good paying job too. I didnt even go to school for it. $12.80 an hour.

Not trying to seem like a dick but where do you live? Cost of living where I live in CA sucks and 12.80 although above min wage is still low.

User Info: TheRisingSon

4 years ago#98
Type 25

Real Estate Salesperson

User Info: Magic_Bryan

4 years ago#99
SCAR, usu with RDS and stock or silencer and stock

Analyst in a NASDAQ listed company.
Lucky beats good...

User Info: Tehshankers1234

4 years ago#100

Music teacher
GT: Girthy Grandpa
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