These Kids Got REALLY Mad at me when I beat them 1v5 (Link Inside)

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  3. These Kids Got REALLY Mad at me when I beat them 1v5 (Link Inside)

User Info: Spinalsniper

4 years ago#31
DarkManX2004 posted...
I'd love to troll ClevelandxPimp or whatever his GT was.

That's it....I thought about it too!

Love to get everyone who enjoyed the video to send him some PM's saying the things he said, like "sold your job" and the "Dyslexic" statement.

Gotta love brats.
If there are two evils, I'll try the one I haven't done yet.
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User Info: Ick_uk

4 years ago#32
1 vs 5 you had a massive advantage even agaist good players you should still win.

User Info: Derwood

4 years ago#33
I like that they never once changed their class or tactics.


PSN: ZipCity
Gamertag: LightSetDesign

User Info: YetiStewPS3

4 years ago#34
Wow.. These kids sound like they got hit in the head a few to many times..

I hate white people who act like nigs, and wtf are his 10 year old boy sex toys doing playing this game?

I'm sure its something genetics, that much stupidity doesn't just manifest in one generation..

Maybe Eminem is "Pimps" sperm donor since his dad is to sterile from all the weed he smokes

User Info: xXSkyrazorXx

4 years ago#35
1v5 is actually an advantage with normal scoring rules, yes. That's why you set a score limit kind of "off book". Like, divide the singled out player score by 2 or 3 as a sort of handicap for the other team to compensate for the extra potential kills.

However, it depends on the exact scenario...

I still liked and subscribed because the kids were morons. The whole thing made me laugh. Keep making content like this. ;)

User Info: gamerguy24

4 years ago#36
Wow. Really guys, thank you. I can't believe how many views this hit overnight. Really truly, thank you! I love reading all these comments, I wanna try and respond to all of them!
I am surprised tho no one brought up the Lil Wayne line. I have no idea what that means!
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User Info: Telvanni_guard

4 years ago#37
"You have got to be kidding me!""

You'd think after the 2nd time he'd swap to a Flak Jacket class or that since they're a clan they'd have SOMEONE with Engineer on but noooooo.
GamerTag: Te1vanni Guard
"Telvanni you would disprove everyone. :D"- Saint_of_Misery

User Info: Skystrike70

4 years ago#38
Spinalsniper posted...
__redxiii__ posted...
Spinalsniper posted...
I can't believe he sold his job to be an 8th prestige.

Yea I caught that too, immediately thought, "wtf?"

I weep for our future.

This.Good video though xD
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?
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  3. These Kids Got REALLY Mad at me when I beat them 1v5 (Link Inside)

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