So... why are people already assuming the next Cod is MW4?

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  3. So... why are people already assuming the next Cod is MW4?

User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#21
flame030191 posted...
BrownPack posted...
flame030191 posted...
Its going to be IW, no doubt. Sledge may help, and Raven has tagged along in each entry since BOps1.

Because IW started the series and has always made their sequels two years apart. Why stop now?

Though i definitely would try Sledge's game, but i doubt Acti pulled it out of the "to do" list just yet

Iw started the series. Yes. IW (the original IW at least) isn't part of Call of Duty let alone activision anymore, so that doesn't matter. The point is, there are more teams involved now other than just Infinity Ward and Treyarch, so it is a possibility that the next game might not even be an "IW" release.

flame030191 posted...
No, they tried to drop the Call of Duty name in Modern Warfare 2 to make Modern Warfare a completely separate franchise. Activision put a stop to that qucikly stating it would hurt marketing and divide the fans (at least what i read in reports before MW2's release in '09)

This is true. As evidenced by the "hardened" and "prestige edition" of Modern Warfare 2, the box simply says "Modern Warfare 2". Not anywhere on the front cover of that box does it say call of duty. The regular edition on the other hand, still says Call of Duty, but in a small font. They really did want to separate the franchise from Call of Duty, probably because they didn't want to be involved in something that Treyarch is attached to. If you guys didn't know, IW didn't like 3ARC at all.

NinjaDeath911 posted...

Ummmm the original team did mw2 and that story was horrible. The best stories are still COD4, W@W and Blops1. But probably because of the tie in to W@W

Cod4 I understand. But Waw and Blops 1? seriously? Those stories were terrible. Waw was way too tryhard. I can't even really recall WaW having a story. It was just one mission to the next, with Sgt. Roebuck dropping the F Bomb in every scene. Blops 1 was the same. It was a terrible attempt at trying to be like Fight Club.

MW2 actually had some good movie quality drama involved. BO2 was actually really good with it's campaign as well. BO2 is one of my favorites. But Waw and Blops 1 were terrible.

User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#22
yoshifan1 posted...
The next call of duty should be World War 1.

lol that would be so slow pace.

User Info: yoshifan1

4 years ago#23
Well then how the about Mexican-American war? - Come on down and have some fun! - Happy fun land

User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#24
yoshifan1 posted...
Well then how the about Mexican-American war?

I wouldn't mind that. That would be pretty cool. I just think it would be controversial. Many would take offense to that.

User Info: arena11

4 years ago#25
I wouldn't mind the trench warfare of WW1, it would be a nice change of pace. There are no assault rifles at all. It would be mostly dominated by SMGs though.
Now playing: MW2 and BF3 Premium.

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#26
It will be called Call of Duty:Future Warfare mark my words you heard it here first.

Like it was said on here MW is a trilogy and BO2 took the next step with some future area's,weapons and story,look for the future in the next one maybe 2025 and beyond.

User Info: __redxiii__

4 years ago#27
Next COD needs to go back to WW2. Even better... WW1. Cavalry was cavalry, imagine riding horses across trenches. Colt 1911 would dominate an online WW1 game lol.
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