Carrier is the worst, right?

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User Info: startedONatari

4 years ago#41
GreatKiraLord posted...
MG42_CHEF posted...
I like Carrier a lot more than Hijacked and Aftermath. I actually haven't seen to many competent players abusing the flap in quite a long time.

Carrier grew on me.
It's not one of my favorite maps but it's not one of my least favorites either.

My fav map. I destroy there. Put a sentry on either jet and enjoy.

User Info: gameflak

4 years ago#42
basketballin posted...
Mirage is way worse map then Carrier.

I can't stand either of them. Mirage is my least favorite of the new maps.
If it's true that we learn from our mistakes, then I should be a frickin' genius by now.

User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#43
You spelled Aftermath wrong
GT: Stelthmastr

User Info: Proudleaf24

4 years ago#44
Carrier is terrible. You're at a disadvantage for not using a Target Finder. Great map design Treyarch! Let's make a big map, but let's clutter it with browns and grays and make all the players that same color. HERPADERPA!
You're gonna love my nuts

User Info: MrArmageddon8

4 years ago#45
No, Yemen is worse.

User Info: goatlick

4 years ago#46
I would take carrier over aftermath or cargo. I can't stand those two maps.

User Info: possession

4 years ago#47
It's weird, whenever someone brings up worst maps, I always see the same four: carrier, aftermath, Yemen and turbine.

The only one out of that list that annoys me is turbine. My most hated is meltdown, being tailed crazy close by drone.

Do people actually like meltdown and drone?
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