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Please, tell me again how having a high k/d makes you a good player.

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  3. Please, tell me again how having a high k/d makes you a good player.

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#1

hurr durr but my teammates weren't playing da objective guyz.
"Persistence until excellence."

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#2
wow @ that steven guy what a casual you had to backpack the whole lobby
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User Info: slayerxelite

4 years ago#3
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User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#4
''i kill ppl so my team can cap flags better hrhrhr''

You won't believe how many people truly believe that.
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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#5
My KDR is 1.97 (went down a bit). My SPM is 395 now.

I average a 2KDR most games and get around 5 caps and 8 or so defends on average.

I defend flags more than I cap them. If I see, losing B, I'll rush it most of the time since I run the low killstreaks (to avoid getting frustrated because of the bulls*** this game throws at you).

Most people that get lots of kills do defend a lot, at least that's what I do.

Defending = playing the objective.

User Info: NeedMoreMoney

4 years ago#6
Damn typical random teammates (more than 5) sucked ass.


User Info: thousandinone

4 years ago#7
Having a high k/d does not make you a good player. A very low k/d is a pretty good indication of a bad player, however.

A high k/d means that the account you are looking at has had notably more kills than deaths since creation or the last reset.

Having a high k/d COULD indicate a good player insofar as team deathmatch is concerned. Then again, if you're camping and playing it safe, you may have a 3.0 k/d from 3 kills and 1 death every game- this is a high k/d but you aren't a good player even in team deathmatch.

If you set a threshold k/d for yourself and dashboard whenever you dip below it, you could have a high k/d and be an AWFUL player. With time, effort, and a LOT of dashboarding, ANYONE could have a high k/d in theory- Lets say you want a 10 k/d and you just reset your stats. Play each game shooting for 10+ kills and 1 death or less. Dashboard if you die a second time before hitting your 10th kill. If you go 10 and 1 or 10 and 0, leave the game normally at that point or hide until it ends. Particularly bad player? Maybe just try to score 1 kill without dying in every game and dashboard if you die.

That said, even if you can't assume a good player from a high k/d, you can in most cases assume a bad player from a very low k/d; regardless of game mode, if you're feeding the enemy vsats, you aren't helping.
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User Info: belieber

4 years ago#8
what should i be looking @ in this photo

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#9
I love when people that go extremely negative can't even be bothered to cap the home flag at the start of the round.
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User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#10
belieber posted...
what should i be looking @ in this photo

top guy on the other team
"Persistence until excellence."
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  3. Please, tell me again how having a high k/d makes you a good player.

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