Assault Rifles are the weakest weapon class in the game.

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  3. Assault Rifles are the weakest weapon class in the game.

User Info: lolcharizard

4 years ago#21
Specials, snipers,shotguns, and launchers are far worse.
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User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#22
ImTooSkilledd posted...
Stopped taking you seriously when you said the AN94 has too much recoil.

p.s - You know what the strong point of ARs is? Versatility. They're effective at all ranges. Sure, they might not dominate any one area of combat, but they're solid at all ranges. ARs will beat SMGs/Shotguns at mid/long range. ARs will beat LMGs/Snipers. at close range. Plus, you act like running into an SMG user at close-range is a guaranteed death when using an AR...that's not the case at all.

AN94 and the FAL are two of the best weapons in the game. Stupid topic is stupid.

FAL (esp with select fire) is considered to be the best weapon in the game and OP by many even after two nerfs. AN-94 and M8A1 are top-tier weapons overall as well. If you're rushing with the ARs, then sure the same thing will happen if oyu try to snipe with a goddamn SMG. What are you smoking TC?

User Info: EatYourViber

4 years ago#23
SMR on hardcore

end topic
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User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#24
compared to the previous cod, ars in bo2 aren't anything special.
we don't have crap like the acr, famaug, mw2 ars that can pretty much 3-4 shot everything with high rof with very low recoil. but if we are talking about just this game and this game alone, ars are very good at what they are meant to be good at. you have the an-94 and m8a1, which are some top weapons in the games. you have the mtar, which is very similar to the msmc/pdw but with some tradeoffs with good/bad. And then you have the fal, which is very often hailed as the best weapon in the game and often looked at as a overpowering weapon of bo2. are you trying to go balls deep with the ars or what?

User Info: aheroafake

4 years ago#25
MrArmageddon8 posted...
True story, they're not good for anything.
Too much attachment restrictions (lol it's OP to have a certain scope on with select fire I guess)
Are completely outclassed by shotguns/smgs up close, lmgs at mid range, and sniper rifles at long ranges, so no advantage anywhere.
Too weak.
Too much recoil on effective ones (SCAR, AN-94) and the grip hardly does anything.

Shotguns and SMGs should outclass ARs when it comes to CQC, considering that is what they were basically tailored for when created. That doesn't mean you'll always lose in a CQC firefight against an SMG or shotgun user though. I've killed tons of SMG and shotgun users in CQC firefight when I was using an AR. Most if not all of the ARs kill in less bullets than most if not all of the SMGs, so they aren't weak like you claim. While yes grip doesn't affect much, that's the same for almost all the weapons you can put it on in the game. And the recoil of the AN-94 isn't even close to being uncontrollable.

Get good, TC.
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User Info: ManTiger

4 years ago#26
AN-94 doesn't have low recoil but if you're expecting all guns to be like the m27/acr then you're at fault here. AN-94s recoil is very manageable.

User Info: __redxiii__

4 years ago#27
AN-94 = aim at mid-section, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th shot will get you a headshot.

User Info: irishman5705

4 years ago#28
EatYourViber posted...
SMR on hardcore

end topic

You could OHK someone in Hardcore by slapping them with your dick. Bringing up a weapon's usefulness in Hardcore is basically admitting that it's awful.
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User Info: TheSaintG

4 years ago#29
some AR's have lower ttks and higher fire rates than smgs anyway.

smgs are good because they are easy to use not because they are the best.

a skilled player making majority of his shots with some of the higher tier assault rifles will be more than a match for another skill player using an smg. if both make all their shots some ARs kill upclose faster than alot of the smgs (swat, An94, fal, SMR,) and they can still hold their own against other weapons at all ranges.

smgs are more of a crutch than anything else. if the select fire SWAT fires at 900 RPM and will never need more than 4 shots to kill at any range you gotta consider other factors. do i plan on engaging far range or close range, do i plan on sprinting alot, etc.

Using an AR is the best way to ensure you are never caught helpless and any range while dominating mid close- mid far range
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  3. Assault Rifles are the weakest weapon class in the game.

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