HELP! Why should I buy this game?

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User Info: CalvinCandie

4 years ago#11
From: OmegaCyberDemon | #001
I need some help in deciding whether or not to purchase this game.

Buy it if you're a masochist.


4 years ago#12
Don't do it. Terrible lag comp/hit detection. In fact, there is even offline lag if you play solo with bots as well. There should be videos on it. Don't get me wrong, there is fun to be had, and it is playable, but I would just sit out and play something else. If it's a multiplayer fix you're looking for, then you're probably just gonna have to wait since this has been a horrible year for multiplayer releases.
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User Info: umn09

4 years ago#13
don't buy, this is one of the worst cod ever

rent and try it first if you must
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User Info: Ultramagnus001

4 years ago#14
Sadly, I hate to admit it myself but what everybody is saying is true. This was supposed to be a promised game that built on the best features of the first blops but in reality it is such a disappointment.

Yes it is playable but the hit detection/lag/net coding is amongst the worst I have ever seen. About 4 games in, you will just want to shut it off and play something else. I don't know what happened, why this game turned out like this but it is disappointing.

Believe me I wanted to love this game especially with all the new attachments and specials they put in along with the perk and unlocking system. Unfortunately the negative aspects of this game truly take away any enjoyment you might have.

Save your money!!!

User Info: Bbq_d_Nuke

4 years ago#15
Just get it. Great way to kill time and listen to the rage mic from someone you just shot in the back. There are some lag issues here and there but overall its worth it. Addicting and fun. Good campaign too. I would reccomend getting BLO1, cheap by now, as well so you can folliw the campaign...
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User Info: OmegaCyberDemon

4 years ago#16
thank you, guys. Looks like i will not be buying it now. Had no idea it was so unplayable due to all the poor programming and glitches. That just ruins the experience. Guess ill just look for something else.

User Info: sithgod513

4 years ago#17
I loved cod2, 3 and 4, and then mw2 came out and I just kinda lost interest in the series for awhile, went back to playing BF games, but I came back for this just becuase I thought it looked pretty cool, and like I said i had been away from duty for awhile, I like the game abunch, it has its cons but what game doesnt, if you dont take things to serious, like video games and just want to play a fast paced arcade shooter than I say buy this.
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User Info: TheBlueChannel

4 years ago#18
You shouldn't.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#19
Its not worth the money.
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#20
You know it's a bad game when its own community hates it. *points at all of the above posts*

Seriously, this is the only game I know where the people who usually come here because they love the game, hate the game. I'd have to say that most people here continue playing the game not because they think it's a good game, but because they're addicted to it and cannot stop playing.
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