Just played some Asian kid

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User Info: maximo

4 years ago#1
I just played some Asian kid.

I think he was Singaporean.

He sent me a bunch of nonsensical verbal and written insults which were really hard to comprehend.

Then I looked at the last 3 games or so which we had played in and found out that I had killed him 16 times and he had only gotten me once.

I don't really pay attention to whom I am killing, if someone just pops up in my Target finder I press RT. (I use the MK 48). Maybe he was taking it personally.

He was running around with some SMG so I am surprised at how one sided it was.

User Info: __redxiii__

4 years ago#2
I see what you're trying to do. Let's see if anyone falls for it.

User Info: AirRawr_

4 years ago#3
yo son dis be clearly racialist deleted dis topic right now!!!!
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04

User Info: ArcXenos

4 years ago#4
Chilling tale, acquaintance

User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#5
You must improve your skills if someone managed to kill you. I can be your role model, if you so wish it (I haven't been killed in this game).
"I'm Batman" ~ Batman
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