Remington or the KSG

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User Info: LordofBallyhoo

4 years ago#11
Faust_8 posted...
If you put Quickdraw on the KSG the amount of BS moments drastically goes down. I use it a lot (with Quickdraw, Laser, and Long Barrel) and there are hardly ever times when I think I should have hit but I didn't.

9/10 times its because I actually missed or just lag, not because of the functional ADS delay or some other type of shenanigan.

Plus I've gotten pretty good at getting long range headshots with it, which are like mini-orgasms. I can only imagine their frustration/incredulity when they watch the killcam.

Mini-orgasm ftw
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User Info: TheSaintG

4 years ago#12
Ksg is the most consistent shotgun. It only fails to kill when you miss.
this gun can and will kill through walls and at close to mid-close range no matter what.

Remington is what I would like to call a crutch. It's easy to use and it is good. But should you have the ability to do better you should always switch to the ksg.

Of course bad connections make one worse and not so much the other
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