I like people who act like killing in TDM is an "objective."

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  3. I like people who act like killing in TDM is an "objective."

User Info: TheBlueChannel

4 years ago#21
But it is the objective
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User Info: SkilzMC

4 years ago#22
__redxiii__ posted...
fatclemenza posted...
From: ZoidWildFlowers | #003
Zeusty posted...
But it is the objective
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User Info: SlymSkerrrrrt

4 years ago#23
I only play TDM because I hate being the only player to try and destroy the scorestreaks my retard teammates give the enemies.

You hardly see any in TDM, so it's all good.

User Info: MG42_CHEF

4 years ago#24
__redxiii__ posted...
DutchZombie posted...
__redxiii__ posted...
HarryHedgehog posted...
But what is the point of TDM then, if not to kill the other team?

An objective is planting a bomb or capturing something. TDM is for people who can't handle understanding spawns, when to push forward, when to hold back, etc etc. They can just sit in a window camping the entire game and do just fine.

Killing is the objective in TDM and I think you got that spawn thing backwards...

No not really, understanding spawns is crucial in games like Hardpoint or DOM. When you see someone crying about "bad spawns" and you ask them what modes they play they always say TDM or KC.

The big difference is that unless you have the entire team triple capped on Dom, the spawns aren't erratic. If you have C then they will tend to spawn at A. It is easier to know where the enemy is spawning in Dom. TDM and KC not so. Figuring out where they are spawning is much harder because teammates go where they want. I have more bad spawns in this game than all of the other CoDs combined. The maps just don't allow for very safe spawns because there aren't many dead zones. And hell I've been killed within 5 seconds in a dead zone area of a map in this game.

On topic, getting kills is an objective in all gametypes. Killing someone leads to you being able to capture a point, collecting their tags, defending the HQ, planting the bomb etc. Killing is the most important aspect of CoD simply because it allows you to play the objective easier. You need to kill people in Dom or the flag will be contested. Demolition you need to push the attackers back by killing them.

This whole PTFO crap only makes sense if you can actually do it.
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  3. I like people who act like killing in TDM is an "objective."

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