Hardcore needs fixes?

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User Info: BoloVic

4 years ago#11
All I play is hardcore kill confirmed and I really don't have that many problems with team killing. You get killed on occasion by teammates you surprise but that's maybe 2 times in a match. The only reason I thought you boosted TC was because you complained about being team killed a ton(which only happens if you are boosting) and you wanted hardcore FFA back(which was a booster fest). I hope they keep hardcore this way and not richochet.
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User Info: flamepelt

4 years ago#12
finalcryhavoc posted...
flamepelt posted...
georgiaboy11 posted...
flamepelt posted...
BoloVic posted...
If you're tired of team killing then stop boosting. That's really the only time team killing goes nuts. Hardcore FFA has no players so it's never coming back.

Umm. I don't boost and I didn't say I did... Where did you get that from? I play KC to stop people from hiding in those corners not TDM. Go play HC for an hour and watch as you get nonstop team killed at least twice a game. I've won games by 5/6 enemies getting kicked and last guy don't wanna by hinself singe wuits, and we win from forfeit.

Maybe I just have good luck but maybe only 1/20 games do I get team killed.. unless its on accident. Rarely do I ever see it intentionally done.

Lucky, sometimes it's accidental like grenades or when coming around corners, but when I'm sitting in a corner, one kill from scoresyteaj and they flat out shoot me. I wish it was MW2s ricochet. Made HC very fun.

so you play kc so no corner campers and you just said you would camp in corners.... i would kill you too if on my tean for being trash. corner camping is worse than team killing

When you've been counting your points, and know that your less than 150 points from a VSAT, which is basically god mode in HC, you don't wanna move much because if the other campers, you may not want to run blindly looking for that last guy. I play KC to stop the while team from camping, it's never gonna happen where you'll find a match where Someone stands in a spot for 30 seconds and then becomes a camper and needs to get a life, become legal age to play this game and he should destroy his Xbox because of it.

User Info: Roketoman

4 years ago#13
I prefer team killing with a kick after 3. That way if I am one off of a streak and a team mate decides to run in from of me while I am shooting, he get what he deserves and so do I(unless the 3rd then oh well).
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User Info: Amaterasu8277

4 years ago#14
I purposely shoot bouncing betties to kick my own teammates.
Or I hit them with shock charges to stun them then they get killed and kill me, then get kicked.
I am the person that everyone hates in this game.
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User Info: startedONatari

4 years ago#15
there are a lot of shady players in HC. i see people doing dumb **** all the time. i was thrown into aftermath once went 9-0, placed my sentry and immediately hear pistol shots.

it was my 3-26 teammate trying to destroy it. i killed him and said don't do it again. 2 seconds later he destroys it. come to find out he was in party with another kid wrecking the match for our team.

5 out of 10 matches there is some douche team killing. but i would rather put up with that than 25 hit markers and die core mode.

User Info: monty2589

4 years ago#16
I don't see why they can't just take Friendly Fire completely out and make it Core with Hardcore health and no HUD. It would solve everything meaning that you wouldn't have to worry about team killing/team killers, killing yourself (if ricochet was implemented), getting killed by teammates Scorestreaks, people trolling, and stupid teammates who do all of the above and more.

User Info: GL17CH

4 years ago#17
^not at all. team killing is a beautiful part of what makes HC HC. quit crying and play another game mode if you don't like it.

User Info: flamepelt

4 years ago#18
GL17CH posted...
^not at all. team killing is a beautiful part of what makes HC HC. quit crying and play another game mode if you don't like it.

People like you destroyed HC, and is why people say CoD is horrible. It only takes a few idiots to ruin reputation for anything.

User Info: Virtrudian

4 years ago#19
nly takes 1 shot 2 kill me? sup wit dat, bro? just wnt 2 play the gaem
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User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#20
I think I got ricocheted the other day on Carrier. I shot a dude in the back (turns out to be a teammate, it's Carrier unis are similar and I was ADSing from a bit of distance and his name never popped up) then I get an indicator of being shot in the back but kill feed shows me killing the teammate and then a friendly fire will not be tolerated thing.
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