I'm having a lot of trouble with this game.

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  3. I'm having a lot of trouble with this game.

User Info: Bbrendoshi

4 years ago#1
Hi, was wondering if you could give me some advice. Fairly new to blops2, though I played most of the other games in the series.

Back in cod 4 till mw3, I had a terrible adsl connection, it made playing the game hard, as there was a half second to one second delay between me and the host. This of course made things hard, but playable. I got steadily better as the games came out, with black ops 1 being my best (k/d of about 1.8, w/l of 2)

Fast forward to the start of this month. We'd been playing halo a lot, but felt like a change of pace.

I've since upgraded my internet to 60Mb/s fibre optic, and get host almost every single game. The issue I'm having is I seem to be lagging an incredible amount, in some cases almost up to 3 seconds when comparing what happened to the killcam. I'm looking for a way to make this lag less atrocious.

Things I have already tried:

Putting the xbox on a DMZ
Using either port forwarding or port triggering with the correct ports in mind.
Opening upnp (though it was already)
Hard wiring the connection.

I really have no idea how to just make the game /playable/, nevermind doing well. Joining games in process usually gives me a great connection, not being host. Anyone have any suggestion so I can enjoy the game? Many thanks!
Gamertag: Sakori

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#2
Sell it or use it to play catch.
.:The Elite Connection:.

User Info: Bbrendoshi

4 years ago#3
As fun as that sounds, it doesn't really help my case. Currently sticking to joining in progress, it's working quite well :)
Gamertag: Sakori

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#4
Weird. For me it was the exact opposite.

I would leave game after game in progress until I pulled host in a fresh lobby. It was the only way I could play.
"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member

User Info: nath999

4 years ago#5
Check to see if your TV has "Game Mode" if not make sure that your xbox is set to output the native resolution of your TV.

If that fails you'll have to accept you're bad at this game. :P
PSN / GT: Deathstroke XII
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  3. I'm having a lot of trouble with this game.

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