Future DLC Weapons

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User Info: Tube_of_Noob

4 years ago#41
Desert Eagle
Olympia or another dbl shotty

W@W nostalgic pack
flame thrower
Stg 44
FN100? Cant remember if this is whats its called the lmg with the crazy rof
M1 garand
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#42
A sniper that holds only one round, has an ADS time of 0.7s, but is a one hit kill anywhere on the body.
A real fully auto shotgun
An AR similar to the G36c
A real magnum type pistol
The Titus-6 from single player
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User Info: devilschain30

4 years ago#43
Galil. Go ahead tell me how OP it is. It's my favorite gun evar
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User Info: D3V1NdaDOOD

4 years ago#44
Weapons from the campaign should be included in Multiplayer.

Also, a Goldeneye / Perfect Dark 64 pack would be awesome, pays tribute to what gave birth to the console FPS genre . The weapons back in the day, were very innovative and had a bit of imagination. I fact, I wish that they included the ability to change your character model for aesthetic purposes like the head and body back in PD 64. It would make the game just a little less bland.

User Info: ninjaman148

4 years ago#45
It would obviously be a fictional futuristic weapon that they're going to put in, so for those wanting old ass WW2/Cold War era weapons from BO1, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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User Info: Danger_Close

4 years ago#46

User Info: Jack_Crow21

4 years ago#47
FlashCannon posted...
Jack_Crow21 posted...
FlashCannon posted...
i'd like to have a semi-auto SMG............on second thought....maybe not. the thing would be insane...how about a semi-auto LMG, that would be fun.

Wouldn't that defeat the whole point of thr "light machine gun" as a class?

hey man, i'm just trying to think outside the box here.

Fair enough! What about compromising by having a large-capacity, semi-auto AR?
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User Info: darkhouse999

4 years ago#48
AK-47 CoD4 or Blops 1 looks
MP5K or MP5
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User Info: Natsume_Tien7

4 years ago#49
Time for the F2000 to get its comeback.
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User Info: FrostspineZ24

4 years ago#50
list of possible Ideas:
an Assault rifle with the ammo size of an LMG
flamethrower attachment
a shotgun with select fire available to switch between slugs and standard shells
an upgrade to the peacekeeper to give it even a LITTLE bit more power

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