Future DLC Weapons

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User Info: FrostspineZ24

4 years ago#51
slicknickdamon posted...
Theboss1248 posted...
slicknickdamon posted...
Theboss1248 posted...
I'd like an AR that focuses on Headshots. Would be weird but how about this:

Damage: 28-18 (4-6 shot kill), no intermediate damage
RoF: 720
Headshot Multiplier: 3.5x (98-63 damage)
Standard ADS, knife and running speeds for ARs
Recoil: Very low
Hipfire: Above average for ARs
Range: Damage drops to 18 after 28 Units (~1/4 of longest line of sight on Turbine)

You just named the ACR from MW2. Slap an ACOG on that bad boy and you could do just that!

Really? Barely played MW2 and didn't look at stats for the guns.

Well, I mean, those aren't the exact stats or anything. I've never even read gun stats. But the ACR in that game was a superb headshot machine. Check out this link: http://www.alexanderarms.com/index.php/products/50-beowulf.html

That may be a step in a different direction that you'd approve of.

actually if the headshot multiplier was a 3.5 it would be a 1 shot kill provided they've already taken 2 damage (as it would do 98 damage) and the ACR's damage multiplier was about 1.2, this means in the ACR killed in three headshots, (as it does 40 damage without multipliers) but if they DID make a low recoil, high damage, low RoF AR that would be awesome.

User Info: slicknickdamon

4 years ago#52
FrostspineZ24 posted...
list of possible Ideas:
an Assault rifle with the ammo size of an LMG
flamethrower attachment
a shotgun with select fire available to switch between slugs and standard shells
an upgrade to the peacekeeper to give it even a LITTLE bit more power

OH. So you want an LMG.
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User Info: xxAnastatiusxx

4 years ago#53
tAGbag_mcgee posted...
Does this unit have a soul?

User Info: dedbus

4 years ago#54
Something that fires an electrical net. A supersoaker 50.

User Info: Kyu_NinJa

4 years ago#55
Any weapon with EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS, not like that damn crossbow. Short ammo, but still like a regular gun.

I love me some SNIPIN'!
(Sniper Rifles)
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User Info: Sactown916

4 years ago#56
I'd want the Galil back one of my favorite guns from the first black ops
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User Info: zombiexdeathx

4 years ago#57
Aug h-bar
Some kind of railgun sniper rifle would be awesome
Very high damage pistol (very large caliber revolver type) short on ammo but punch like a train
The galvaknuckles from the story

User Info: MrMRB

4 years ago#58
Legit revolver please for like the seventh topic.
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User Info: X_Spectator

4 years ago#59
I'd like an old fashion bow and arrow. Not like the crossbow. More like the one in Far Cry 3.

User Info: Entotrte

4 years ago#60
A proper .44 Magnum
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