Future DLC Weapons

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User Info: JammyBauer23

4 years ago#61
Desert Eagle.
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User Info: mariofan619

4 years ago#62
I want a carbon copy of the WA2K from MW2. Probably my favorite gun out of any CoD.
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User Info: warpthree

4 years ago#63
MrMRB posted...
Legit revolver please for like the seventh topic.

This. A revolver that isn't shotgun-based and thus has some range to it.
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User Info: DXiRoNMaN

4 years ago#64
no more SMGs. let's have a m1014 or m60
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User Info: warpthree

4 years ago#65
FrostspineZ24 posted...
list of possible Ideas:
a shotgun with select fire available to switch between slugs and standard shells

Select fire would have been a great idea for an attachment on the KSG given it already has a feed tube selector switch in real life.
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User Info: Dezcore

4 years ago#66
All of them, and then they all carry forward into all future Cods. Same with maps!

User Info: Goldenslush

4 years ago#67
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#68
warpthree posted...
MrMRB posted...
Legit revolver please for like the seventh topic.

This. A revolver that isn't shotgun-based and thus has some range to it.

But isnt the point of a Revolver to have a 2-hit kill? we already have the Tac-45(no recoil).

Altough to make it unique it would be interesting if we gave the revlover a longer 2hit kill range and lmg penetration.
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User Info: TheBiggerOne

4 years ago#69
scarface_jr posted...
Even tho it wouldn't make any sense but I want the PPSH >.>. It was the only thing that I can think of that reminded me of a tommy gun.

Why not just a Thompson with Drum Mag?
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User Info: Gray_wolf1119

4 years ago#70
Pistol: Revolver
Shotgun: Fully auto shotgun like AA-12
Sniper Rifle: Cant think of anything
Assault Rifle: Cant think of anything
Special: Flamethrower
Launcher: Javelin
Lethal: Nova Gas, or equivalent
Tactical: Decoy, Jammer
GT: Fang1192

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