best LMG in this game?

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User Info: Soul_Intruder

4 years ago#21
AlleRacing posted...

Lol at needing a sight attachment.


User Info: mcpuppet101

4 years ago#22
after just recently getting them all diamond i found the MK48 to be my favorite. least fave was LSW. MK was bad till i got rapid-fire since most people tend to make everything a close range battle and MK just doesnt seem to start firing quick enough without it...other then that it can own almost anything medium to long range...LSW i ended up just making a run and gun with after losing out to almost all SMG/assaults at anything other then close range...HAMR was decent and LSAT, so if you want 1 to kinda change attachments around with then 1 of those is best...just don't expect to long range people like the MK or short range like the LSW.

I will say the hamr has alot of bounce until it gets shooting so precision mid range scopes are rough But the LSAT is good, just has a teeny bit more bounce making it slightly less usable at long range then MK. Hope this helps.

User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#23

Tech sight with rocker

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User Info: Nitebreaker

4 years ago#24

Full Metal Jacket

User Info: gameflak

4 years ago#25
FirebyrdXX posted...
For typical LMG long range supression and area denial, Mk 48 has no equal. FMJ is the one mandatory attachment at all times, cover will mean nothing. Then use and combination of Dual Band (my choice), Target Finder, Suppressor and Rapidfire. You will still kill in 3 hits over every sight line in the game, but RF makes you fare more deadly in mid and close distances. Plus, you burst fire at long range anyway for the 2hit head shot.

For all purpose and more standard death match gameplay, LSAT is most well rounded. Great mag size, great irons, good fire rate, good range and good penetration. If you want to do everything well, pick this. Stock and Quickdraw are all you need, but suppressor is a good choice too, as is FMJ.

And for the bulldog bullet hose its the QBB LSW. This one is great for hardpoint and headquarters. Laser Sight gives you great hipfire, and suppressor eliminates muzzle flash. Stock and Quickdraw help also.

You should run Toughness on everything. Mk 48 needs hardline because youll pick off so many enemies from afar youll rack up high streaks easily. This makes the FHJ a great companion for extra points, and use shock charges to protect your rear and alert you to enemies. The other two benefit from Flack Jacket and Lightweight combined.

You have too many attacments on the mk 48 recommendations. Besides which, I really dont notice any difference in bullet penetration with fmj on most maps.
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User Info: igashijin

4 years ago#26
MK 48 or HAMR
FMJ, Dual band, Quickdraw Handle


Flak Jacket


You can pretty much just smoke out the enemy team in objective game types and shred them up.
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User Info: Brown_Baller

4 years ago#27
I personally dig the Mk48 with silencer, fmj, and dual band. If you don't have dual band, variable zoom will suffice.
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User Info: curtland

4 years ago#28
I find the lack of LSAT in this topic disturbing.

Sight of choice.

Shred campers all day.
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User Info: bbert901

4 years ago#29
From: FlashCannon | 2/11/2013 11:40:37 AM
i can't tell you anything about the best LMG setup, cause then everyone will just emulate it. find you're own best setup. try using the LSAT or HAMR first, those are good introduction LMGs. the first two require some experience to be used effectively.

Do you have a secret setup that no one has discovered yet? Did you read the topic? Lots of people like different things! Unless you use the same setup as me (reflex stock suppressor mk48) I will personally think your setup is weaker than mine. That's my opinion

User Info: L4DMalus

4 years ago#30
Personally? After using all of the Light Machine Guns I like the LSAT as my favorite and I play the following class setup.

LSAT + Primary Gun Fighter
Dual Band

Flak Jacket
Tactical Mask

Shock Charge x2
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