SMR is the best gun in the game

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User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#11
you mean "FAL is the best gun in the game"

darkshadowmaster posted...
I want to like the SMR since I think the weapon aesthetically looks bad ass but that low firing cap gets me killed every time.

I'll stick to my FAL and maybe fire 1 more shot instead.

even with the fire cap lowered, the fal's rof is fast enough to be very effective in close to medium range and outgun smgs. smr can't do this. that 50+rpm difference makes a huge difference

User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#12
thompsontalker7 posted...
shadowsofdawn posted...
20 bullet clip and horrible irons.

You're saying that like the FAL doesn't have bad irons and 5 more rounds in the mag.

You're saying "5 more rounds" like is negligible.

Thats 25% more ammo per clip.
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User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#13
SMR is 5th best AR
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User Info: ralalooloo11

4 years ago#14
DIECASTC00K posted...
2-3 bullet kill, long range, great accuracy,minimal recoil

FAL is nothing now

Seriously I've gotten 3 swarms with this gun in the last week

FAL is still the best AR in the game and arguably the best gun in the game.
SMR has more recoil than the FAL.
SMR has terrible centerspeed and it has long reload, less bullets in mag, etc.
It's the worst AR to have in close to medium range - and this is BO2.
SMR is relatively bad.

User Info: FlashCannon

4 years ago#15
SHHHHHHHH! we're not allowed to talk about this gun. it's suppose to be our secret weapon.
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